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THWAFG – Volume 2, Goddess (1)

Yes, it’s a short chapter.
Yes, it’s important to read.
Link is this one. Link is this one. 
Hopefully will get the full Volume 2, Chapter 4 out today.  Might not, but it’s a good chance.


THWAFG – Volume 2, Chapter 3

I told you, I had a chapter written!  It’s, it’s not as though I want you to like me or anything, baka!

(Here’s the link 😛  Please bear with me.  Ed:  Please picture a bear when reading this sentence.)

I need to get better at writing fight scenes :/


THWAFG and Life, Updates.

Hi guys,

I guess I owe an apology!  I was seriously intending to get all the chapters done this month!  However, university stuff came up and I got overworked (Huh, I did work…  Weird).  Well, so:

I’ve posted a chapter, I have one chapter written and I had two more in the works.  I have two more days til the end of the month so here’s what’ll happen:

I’ll post the chapter that’s completed, and finish of the other two chapters.  That should give me the four ‘guaranteed’ chapters.  If I have time, I’ll go into the other chapters which I owe (5).  If I don’t make up the amount (highly unlikely), here’s what’ll happen.

I will owe (5) chapters due to not completing them.  (4) chapters due to the guaranteed chapters.  (1) Patreon chapter.  and (2) Make-up chapters.  In total (12).

So, next month, I’ll write around half a chapter a day and then post them as soon as they are done.  I’ll be writing up a schedule, which I will then make available for everyone.

Seriously, so sorry that I couldn’t keep up with this.  But I’ll get to make up eventually!


Cheers, Rumanshi

Pokegod (OWMB) Chapter 47

So, I didn’t quite make it back onto schedule yet. I got caught up in a really good Korean drama and then a novel someone else is translating, and those just sucked up my time. I’m going to try harder this week. Anyway, though here is chapter 47.