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Hey guys, just informing you, THWAFG will be moving to Fantasy-books.live Fantasy-books.live.  You’ll probably see some new content due to this.  Heh.


I have been contacted and been told  our OWMB translator is unable to get into the habit of translating Other World’s Monster Breeder again.  It’s unfortunate but such is the way of life.   Thus, I am now recruiting both TL’s for OWMB and Jobless (as previously mentioned).

While waiting, I am currently trying to get a new chapter of OWMB out myself, although it won’t be as good as if somebody else did it.

Cheers, Rumanshi.

Updates: Rumanshi

Hi guys.

I owe 26 chapters.
Sorry about that.
Until I catch up on these chapters, I’ll be suspending all guaranteed chapters.
Patreon chapters will still add up.

You’re welcome to comment on the story guys.  If something’s odd, something seems off or if you think the characters are out of character.  Just make the comment.

THWAFG and Life, Updates.

Hi guys,

I guess I owe an apology!  I was seriously intending to get all the chapters done this month!  However, university stuff came up and I got overworked (Huh, I did work…  Weird).  Well, so:

I’ve posted a chapter, I have one chapter written and I had two more in the works.  I have two more days til the end of the month so here’s what’ll happen:

I’ll post the chapter that’s completed, and finish of the other two chapters.  That should give me the four ‘guaranteed’ chapters.  If I have time, I’ll go into the other chapters which I owe (5).  If I don’t make up the amount (highly unlikely), here’s what’ll happen.

I will owe (5) chapters due to not completing them.  (4) chapters due to the guaranteed chapters.  (1) Patreon chapter.  and (2) Make-up chapters.  In total (12).

So, next month, I’ll write around half a chapter a day and then post them as soon as they are done.  I’ll be writing up a schedule, which I will then make available for everyone.

Seriously, so sorry that I couldn’t keep up with this.  But I’ll get to make up eventually!


Cheers, Rumanshi

Updates – THWAFG

Sorry, been a bit out of it.  This post is just to apologise for failing at my quota, and telling you this months:

Guaranteed chapters:  0/4
Sponsored chapters: 0/0
Patreon chapters: 0/1
Repayment chapters: 0/3

This means eight chapters should be completed this month.    I hope you can bear with me for my silliness.  Thanks, Rumanshi!  🙂

Ruman’s Shelf: ~Third 3~

Ruman’s Shelf:  I’m on time!

OWMB:  Being done by Jason, release on Friday.

Jobless:  Being done by Yoshiro, release on Sunday.

Shinka No Mi:  Chapter has been edited, it just didn’t get posted on the day it was meant to…  I guess that’s up next.

The Harem was a Forced Goal:  Will be released Today/tomorrow.   I got addicted to games, forgot to do a mass writing.  Oh well, will go back to doing one a week, I guess.

Ramblings:   Hey guys, I’ve been looking into which uni I want to go to next year, and the costs of doing so.   However, stuff is expensive.  Rent estimates around ~260 a week and I don’t have a job.  So I want to ask, what would make you willing to either donate, or support me on Patreon?  I’m aware I’m not consistent enough for that to happen now, but what would help?   Hoping to find a job soon, but I won’t be able to keep it if I move out of the state~


Ruman’s Shelf: ~Second Episode~

Ruman’s Shelf: Late this week, will be better next time >.>

Other World’s Monster Breeder:  Being translated by Jason, currently.  Just posted the last chapter of volume 1.

Jobless:  Currently being translated by Yoshiro.  Has been consistent in posting.  I may try and do a chapter myself.

Shinka No Mi:  A chapter will be edited and prepared for a Monday release.   (For Raising The Dead)

The Harem was a Forced Goal:  Volume 2, Prologue (2) is half written as is Volume 2, Chapter 1.    Prologue (2) will be released on Monday, 27th.  Volume 2, Chapter 1 will be released on Friday 1st, Volume 2, Chapter 2 will be released on Friday 2nd.  Any more chapters completed will be released until the 7th, where the mass release of THWAFG will be stopped and returned to normal schedule.

New Schedule: 

Monday –
Tuesday – The Harem was a Forced Goal
Wednesday – The Harem was a Forced Goal
Thursday – Teasers.
Friday –  Other World’s Monster Breeder
Saturday –
Sunday –  Jobless

That’s it.  Next Ruman’s Shelf should be on 4th June.