Other World’s Monster Breeder – Chapter 48

Translator: Jason

Date with the Goddess (First Part)


The next day.

I woke up early and headed to the center of Saint Bell.



Because today we were going shopping for the sake of getting the “Soft and Fluffy Canopy Bed” that Aphrodite demanded.


(Hey. D. Aren’t you ready yet?)

(Not yet! Not yet, so! If you peek, I’ll kill you!)

(Yes, yes….)


It seemed that Aphrodite was currently changing from her Adventurer’s Clothes into a Dancer’s Bewitching Dress.


Dancer’s Bewitching Dress   Rank E

(Women’s clothing with many decorations)


This item was something that Aphrodite had wanted for a while, so I gave it to her as a present with yesterday’s quest reward.


It was Aphrodite’s desire to change into her best clothes for the shopping trip.


(…I’m ready now.)


I received her approval through the Contact skill and summoned Aphrodite.


“H-how is it?”


Aphrodite asked with a somewhat nervous voice.

Wearing the Dancer’s Bewitching Dress, Aphrodite became sexier at some point.


I had thought that wearing the dress, with its high exposure and pink[1] design, would be difficult to wear, but….


What if I said that she’s the goddess of beauty even if she is useless?

That seemed like it would be pointless in front of Aphrodite.


“‘How is it’, you ask… it’s not that different from normal.”

“Haa? Wh-what do you mean ‘normal’!?”


Having not received the answer she expected, Aphrodite puffed her cheeks discontentedly.[2]


“…What are angry about all of a sudden? You being pretty and cute is your normal!”




The moment after I stated an objective reality.

Aphrodite’s cheeks suddenly reddened very rapidly.


“That was fairly well done. Should I give it 70 points? Considering that it was you, that was quite an effective pick-up line. I’ll give you praise.

Because I am the goddess of beauty, this time it passed calmly, but…wouldn’t that have been dangerous if it was a normal girl?”


“Yes, yes. I got it, I got it. Tedious talks[3] are good so let’s quickly go choose a bed.


It seemed like she would talk for a while, so I grabbed her hand and took her towards the store.


I didn’t want to deal with her farce.

With the next trip, I was aiming to get rare minerals no matter what and get rich quick.


“My hand is~~! My hand is~~~!!?”


Aphrodite let out a mysterious shout, but she’s always eccentric so I didn’t pay it any mind.



Sunelika Hueneck[4]

Gender: Male

Age: 28


“Welcome. Welcome to the Guild-recognized Magic Tool Shop.”


When we entered the store, a male employee greeted us.


What is this?

I feel like I’ve seen a performer like this somewhere on TV….


A person whose front teeth characteristically stood out.


“What are you looking for today?”


“Umm. We are looking for a bed. The softest, fluffiest one.”


“I see. A bed. This shop’s beds are assembled with first-class goods that use Angel Cotton, taken from the rare branches of the World Tree. Please, this way.”




I entered farther into the magic tool shop while being led by the salesman.


“Hey. Look…that….”


“Ah, that. That is very popular.”



Since earlier, there seemed to be a painful gaze from our surroundings….


Ah…Damn iiiit!


A young couple…shamelessly choosing a bed in broad daylight!

When looked at from nearby, this is totally a lovey-dovey couple!


“What’s wrong, Souta? Your face suddenly became pale.”




Have you not noticed this embarrassing situation!?


Seriously…just for today, I’m jealous of your thick-headedness skill.


“This one here is our shop’s recommended, highest-quality bed. When you sleep on this bed that freely uses the precious Angel Cotton…it feels just like you’ve gone to heaven.”


The bed recommended by Sunelika-san was certainly brimming with a high-class design.


Let me see.

I’ve got nothing to lose by checking the price.


“Wha! 120,000!?”


No way no way uh-uh uh-uh snail![5]


No matter how I struggle, right now this is a high-class good that I can’t get.


“Absolutely no way. Out of the question.”




Aphrodite felt the high-class bed in question and casually turned her head.


“Wh-where is there something you aren’t satisfied with?”


“Do I have to explain from the beginning? Certainly he said that this bed uses Angel Cotton, but…according to my diagnosis, about 30 percent of it uses it.

The remaining 70 percent uses Achille Down, right? You can’t really say that Achille Down is a bad material, but this shop is good at fraud, huh?”


“…Gu. Gugunu.”


Perhaps what she just said…was perfectly on the mark?


Aphrodite SUGEEE!![6]


You really know the other world’s beds well!

I feel like if that passion were somewhere a little different, my adventurers would become a little easier, but….

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[1] For those who don’t know, “pink” in Japanese refers to sexy, sometimes pornographic, content. For example, “pink movies” are pornos. In can also, at times, refer just to the color, though.

[2] Something along these lines https://pbs.twimg.com/media/A2BvTmmCMAEt2F-.jpg

[3] This was a difficult word to translate. The Japanese word, 御託 (gotaku) can mean a tedious talk, an impertinent talk, a repetitious talk, saucy speech, or a pretentious statement. I feel like each one of these could apply to what she said, so I just picked the one that seemed best, but for anyone who cares, it could be any of the above

[4] I’ll take any recommendations on this name. It’s スネリカ・ヒューネック (Sunerika Hyuunekku) in Japanese

[5] I had no idea how to retain this joke in English. The original Japanese is 無理無理むりむりカタツムリだよ(muri muri muri muri katatsumuri da yo), which literally means “impossible impossible impossible impossible snail”, but the word for snail here sounds the same in Japanese, so…

[6] The author included this part in roman letters, but it basically means awesome

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    I had no idea how to retain this joke in English. The original Japanese is 無理無理むりむりカタツムリだよ(muri muri muri muri katatsumuri da yo), which literally means “impossible impossible impossible impossible snail”, but the word for snail here sounds the same in Japanese, so… sugeee, amai->amee.


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