Pokegod (OWMB) Chapters 45 and 46

Hey everyone, this is Jason. I’ve recently gotten an account on WordPress so I can start doing this myself. I apologize for the short hiatus on releases. I recently got a new job in the very early morning, so it’s thrown off my schedule a little bit and left me rather tired. To make up for it, though, here is chapter 45 and here is chapter 46. I’ll try to get 47 out in the next couple of days, and then the regularly scheduled 48 this Friday, and then I’ll be back on schedule.


13 thoughts on “Pokegod (OWMB) Chapters 45 and 46

  1. jorgelotr

    Thanks for the chapter.

    [1] The author actually wrote モソハン(mosohan) instead of モンハン(monhan), the abbreviated form of Monster Hunter, but searching for mosohan didn’t yield any results, so I’m assuming they meant monhan <-Of course he means MonHun, but there’s this tiny thing called brand rights which could get the author into trouble if he made a direct reference, so the usual thing is changing one character for a circle (censoring) or changing a katakana for a similar one (ン for ソ in this case, but also among シ/ツ/メ, タ/ヌ/ス, テ/ラ/ワ/ウ or ワ/ク/ケ/タ, or even adding/removing voicing marks; an example would be Godzilla’s knock-off in Detective Conana/Case Closed, Gomera, ゴジラ->ゴメラ)


  2. jorgelotr

    Delete this one, please. I wrote a less than instead of the code for less than, causing most of the post to disappear.


  3. GM_Rusaku

    / ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄\
     Thanks! Nepu!!
    \       /
      ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄∨ ̄ ̄
     /・・`ヽ と)
    (。。ノ しヽ
     /ヽ /   ノ
     ( へ /||
     ヽヽ|| U ))
        U ))


  4. BakaGrappler

    Thank you for the double release. Returning to these nut jobs is a fun diversion. Incidentally, you can enable posting comments on Pages by going into the Pages menu, selecting the Page from Quick Edit, and clicking on the “Allow Comments” tick box. Just sayin’.



  5. flat

    Thanks for the chapters! But could you put your chapters into the categories? I use the category rss to check for new chapters and it’s better to organize your posts too.



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