Other World’s Monster Breeder – Chapter 45

Translator: Jason

Physical Education Sitting

“S-souta-zan! The smell of ore iz coming from this room!”

Sheryl walked a little bit and excitedly pointed at a rock wall.

“Ohh! If you understand, try searching right away….”

“Just wait!”

The one who stopped me from collecting ore with my pickaxe was Aphrodite.

“Souta! I wonder…if you won’t leave one to me? Watch, I…have confidence in my ability to mine.”

“Ohh! Seriously!?”

You can’t judge someone by their appearance!
It’s reassuring to have someone who has done this before.

“Yep. Even if I say how, when I played Monster Hunter[1] with the other gods and we went hunting, I’m the girl who collected ore single-handedly while everyone else fought the boss! I won’t lose to Sheryl, who suddenly appeared!”


So it was about a game.

Weren’t you just leeching off of the other players!?

Well, the truth is I never had any expectations about Aphrodite’s work from the beginning.

“Pay close attention to my work!”

Aphrodite declared, sticking out her big chest, and brandished the pick axe with all her might.


So this is a goddess’s power!

Each time Aphrodite swung the pick axe, her two breasts swayed greatly.

Speaking of that destructive power, it’s really appropriate for the name god!

By the way, her mining technique was very much average.

“Wai! Aphrodite-zan! Handling it so roughly…what will we do if the stone gets damaged!?”

“…It’s bad?”

“It’s decidedly bad! Please lend it to me!”

Sheryl seized the pickaxe from Aphrodite and matter-of-factly began working.

As expected from Sheryl, the one who managed the weapons store, her hands were skillful.

Her mining speed was almost three times as much as Aphrodite’s.

Sheryl continued to carefully do a good job.

“Kaha! Job…my job is…!”

Aphrodite, on the other hand, sat down on the ground in the P.E. sitting position[2] and became downhearted.

Seriously, this girl…her efforts are always fruitless….

The next moment, when I went to cheer her up.
The sound of a huge explosion resounded from inside the cave.

“Dowaaaa! Carolina-san!? What are you doing!?”

“…Digging in a small area with the tool has poor efficiency, right? So destroying it all here in one go with my magic is the right way to go?”

“Even zo…I wish you would stop hitting the wall with fireballz!”

As expected, she’s quite firm when it comes to her hobby.

Sheryl forcibly seized the pickaxe from Carolina too and silently resumed working alone.

“Ku…. This is the first I have had such a humiliation…!”

“Uu…. Why only meeee….”

Aphrodite and Carolina, who both received a warning from Sheryl, got along (?) and lined up in the P.E. sitting position.

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[1] The author actually wrote モソハン(mosohan) instead of モンハン(monhan), the abbreviated form of Monster Hunter, but searching for mosohan didn’t yield any results, so I’m assuming they meant monhan
[2] http://pw.imagenavi.jp/preview_in.php?id=10344520&size=700

10 thoughts on “Other World’s Monster Breeder – Chapter 45

  1. Nguyen Gia Thai

    Possibly because the japanese authors are weirdly shy about anything related to copyright at all. So if you straight forward find mosohan, of course it shall not be anything like that.


    1. jorgelotr

      It’s copyright avoiding, but option 2. Option 1 is censoring a character, while option 2 is changing a kana for a similar one.

      In english they do similar things, like drinking Popsi or going to a WcDonald’s


      1. Nguyen Gia Thai

        Nope~ I dont remember Westerners do stuff like that and I read a lot. They are just not twitchy about copyrighted matter like Japanese authors. There’s respecting copyright and there’s PTSD-class twitchy reflex.


      2. Rumanshi Ichigo Post author

        I’ve seen Western authors do it. They also sometimes avoid actually saying the name, just assume that the readers know what they are talking about like ‘a certain fast food restaurant which…’


      3. jorgelotr

        Excerpt from the episode “Cool Hand PEter” from the western cartoon Family Guy:

        Peter: I hope we pass a McDaniels or a Burger Queen.
        Quagmire: Oh, that’s right, we’re on television…
        Joe: I could really go for a flame-broiled Bopper!
        Quagmire: This is so frustrating. We all KNOW what we’re talking about…

        More examples:

        Dracula, from Bram Stoker (this was ages ago!) has the Dailygraph newspaper (original brand “Daily Telegraph”).
        Good Omens from Terry Pratchett and Niel Gaiman has a Burger Lord chain (and let’s not mention all the brand names in Discworld).

        We have “Stabbucks”:

        And let’s not forget Lisa Simpson’s MyPhone, a Mapple product by Steve Mobs.

        Just check http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/BlandNameProduct
        for more examples.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. jorgelotr

        PS. The reason is not respect for copyright but rather fear for lawsuits. Even in Japan (one of the weirdest censorings I’ve seen is a slave-freeing spell created by the main character of a WN originally called “President Lincoln” due to the terrible naming sense of said MC, which was revised not even 24 hours latert to “President Lin**ln” for that very reason).

        Liked by 2 people

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