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Still recruiting Translators

I have yet to hear anyone interested in translating OWMB or Jobless~    Pls contact me if you are interested.  I am slowly doing chaps, but it’s sloooow!

Recruitment – Translators

Hey everyone!

I, without possessing a job, aim to become an adventurer’ and ‘Other Worlds Monster Breeder’ both require translators.   I am currently slowly working on the next chapters myself (Chapter 63 of jobless and Chapter 56 of OWMB).  However, in order to make sure these projects are more regular, having someone to at least translate one of them would a huge help.  If you’re interested please either email me at Rumanshi2@gmail.com or join my discord Rumanshi’s Lair.



I have been contacted and been told  our OWMB translator is unable to get into the habit of translating Other World’s Monster Breeder again.  It’s unfortunate but such is the way of life.   Thus, I am now recruiting both TL’s for OWMB and Jobless (as previously mentioned).

While waiting, I am currently trying to get a new chapter of OWMB out myself, although it won’t be as good as if somebody else did it.

Cheers, Rumanshi.

Recruitment – Translator’s

Hey guys!

Our current translator (Yoshiro) for ‘I, without possessing a job, aim to become an adventurer’ has lost interest in translating the story (I don’t blame him xD).   He says he will continue for now while I seek out a new translator, but I do need someone to volunteer and take over for him.

If you’re interested, please email me at rumanshi2@gmail.com !

Cheers, Rumanshi.

Updates and Recruitment

So I’m hard at work writing THWAFG, where I need to get 8 more chapters out this month, at least.  ;-;   So, hopefully that’ll happen soon.

OWMB Jason has his own account so I’m no longer in charge of posting those.

and Jobless~

Jobless is the one I need to talk to you guys about this time!  Me and Yoshiro discussed, and we felt the best option for us to proceed was this:

Yoshiro would continue working with the web novel as he’s been doing in the past.   I might poke him a bit and try and edit quicker.  But for


we are asking for someone to translate the light novel for us.  If you volunteer to do this, I’ll pay for the copy of the light novel for you.  Contact me at rumanshi2@gmail.com

That’s around it for now,