The Harem was a Forced Goal – Volume 2, Goddess (1)

AN:   Short chapter, but the goddess chapters of this volume are important.    ;-;

Volume 2, Goddess (1)

The goddess was, for once, doing her required duties without being forced to. The few angels that were around looked at her with a gaze that showed their shock, however, they did nothing besides that.

It was due to that, that when the goddess heard footsteps behind her she simply assumed it was that annoying mature loli angel and said bitterly.

“I’m doing work! Seriously, there is no need to harass me about it today.”

However, the words she heard in response, were not from the voice she expected.

“Yes… For once, it does seem you are not focused on a particular brat.”

The goddess turned around to look at the voice, which sounded particularly musical and lovely. If she were not a goddess, she might have been charmed.

“Oh, Freyja. If you’re here, it means that the gods of old are going to start acting?”

Freyja went up to the goddess and began to put her face close to the latter’s. The goddess tensed up, preparing to move.

“What do you mean? Haven’t we been more active then you, sweetie? Even though we’ve been absent, we at least kept people aware of us. But you? There is barely anyone who knows your existence, right? Tell me…”

Freyja moved to the goddess’ ear, and whispered gently.

“Do you even remember your own name?”

Hearing this, the goddess moved to the side far away from Freyja, not daring to look at her. What Freyja had said hit the goddess where it hurt the most. It was true – she was not aware of her own name anymore, and that was before she started playing around when she met Fei.
It was true that this goddess had accepted Fei’s proposal, for a reason unbeknownst to herself. However, this just caused her to reincarnate him the first time, like her usual duty. As he acted more and more, the goddess decided that the reason she accepted it was probably some sort of ‘love at first sight’.

But no matter what, the goddess did not know her own name. She still knew her own self, still had her powers and still had a domain. She was not like those gods who would lose power as the belief in them dropped.

It was for this reason that the goddess felt she had to keep Fei away from herself. She told herself it didn’t matter if she did not know her own name, as long as Fei did not find out about it. What she did not realise was, that it didn’t matter. She was an immature goddess. Unlike those who had existed before time, or at least, at the creation of time, she existed from during time.

“Hahaha, I’m taking that as a no… well, anyway. The council wishes to speak to you.”

“The council? Why?”

“Well, you have been abusing your authority, have you not? Surely you did not think it would simply be overlooked forever?”

A sad look appeared in the goddesses eyes. It appears she would be away from her domain for a while. Perhaps, during the time she was way, something would happen. As a goddess, she surely should have known, however, she was not that type who possessed omniscience. In fact, any god or goddess possessing omniscience would be odd.

The gods and goddesses of the world were not there in order to know or control everything, but rather, to ensure that the laws of the world were followed. Things like a planets gravity, the speed of light, whether a world could use magic, the reincarnation system. These were the sorts of things that the gods and goddesses were meant to be in charge of!

The goddess understood her abuse of authority – the act of contacting individuals who were alive. This betrayed the ‘free will’ mandate which was ordered by the council.

The exception to this was the reincarnation system, however the goddess had surely contacted others who were not a part of it. This meant that her fate was now up to the decision of the council, a group of gods who, well, do not like the goddess.

To some of them, her existence was a nuisance!
To others, it was basically heresy.

But, the council was not evil in nature. They would not simply destroy the goddess for breaking the mandate, they would simply punish her.

She may lose her divinity for some time, or she may have to spend time in isolation. Well, either way, the mature loli angel would be the one who would take over her duties, as a trainee goddess (not that the mature loli angel knows this).

Thinking about it, the goddess wasn’t too worried anymore.

“Alright, I understand.”

Freyja seemed a little shocked that the goddess was so obedient, however her job wasn’t to make judgements of other goddesses. Freyja’s job was to spread love and fertility, however it was just that her and the goddess were close friends in the past.

Though, the goddess now, doesn’t appear to remember that.

With such a thought in my mind, Freyja took the goddess to meet the council.

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