Other World’s Monster Breeder – Chapter 47

Translator: Jason

Presenting the Fruits of Battle


Having returned to the Adventurers’ Guild, I submitted the minerals we had gathered to the evaluation window.


“This comes out to 36,000 col for your quest reward.”



It didn’t grow relative to having the goblins help gather a lot of ore, huh.


“…Thanks. Thank you very much.”


“As expexted of Souta-san. Your momentum hasn’t slowed down even after getting promoted to F Rank. At this rate you’ll be promoted to E Rank very soon!”




I was praised like so by Chloe-chan, but I was dissatisfied with the results this time.


36,000 col in this world is at the level of 40,000 yen in Japan.


Of course, I think it’s enough for a single reward?


But, the four of us are risking our lives.


10,000 yen a day was not at all suitable.



The reward this time being less than I had anticipated was, after all, probably because the price was lower for copper and iron ore.


Next time we should aim for the rare and expensive ores like gold and silver.




After I received the reward, it was time for monster combinations.

During the trip this time, I captured five Mud Puppets.


The possible combinations that evolve were confirmed on the way back from the mine.


I had already decided beforehand which monsters I would use the Monster Combination skill on once I was back at the inn.


System Message

(Please choose the base monster)


→        Aphrodite

Carolina Burton

Sheryl O’Telrod


Goblin Knight


Light Marsh

Mad Marsh

Mud Puppet


Compared to the early days, the variety of monsters I could choose to combine had increased considerably.

Therefore, I chose a Mud Puppet that I had just caught during this trip.


I also selected a Mud Puppet to become the material, and my preparations were complete.


System Messsage

(The following monster evolution is possible. Synthesize?)


→        Yes



Clay Doll

Encyclopedia NO: 752

Race: Rock Family

Rank: E

Level: 1

Vitality: 55

Attack Power: 25

Magic Power: 20

Mana: 20





Evolution Condition

Mud Puppet x Mud Puppet



A low-rank monster of the rock family.

Increases combat power by uniting with its companions.

Has the potential to evolve into a stronger monster by combining with monsters of the same name.



When I combine two Mud Puppets, they become a Clay Doll, huh?


What an inconspicuously named monster.


Its status increase was small, so I don’t really have any expectations for its combat power.



But, next I will have it proceed with the only possible evolution![1]



Because the sentence “Has the capability to evolve to a stronger monster by combining with monsters of the same name” is written in the monster’s window.


In other words, like how I was able to combine and evolve two Mud Puppets, doesn’t this mean that I can combine two Clay Dolls to create a new monster?


System Message

(The following monster evolution is possible. Synthesize?)


→         Yes




Encyclopedia NO: 760

Race: Rock Family

Rank: D

Level: 1

Vitality: 35

Attack Power: 185

Magic Power: 10

Mana: 5





Evolution Condition

Clay Doll x Clay Doll



A low-rank monster of the rock family.

Movement is slow, but its power is extraordinary.

Has the potential to evolve into a stronger monster by combining with monsters of the same name.


Based on the results, my guess was correct.



Attack Power: 185!


Isn’t that the highest value out of all the monsters I have?



The Golem too says “Has the potential to evolve into a stronger monster by combining with monsters of the same name” ….


In other words, this isn’t the final evolution?


During tomorrow’s trip, I’ll capture more of the base monster, Mud Puppets, and aim for combining Golems.

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[1] This sentence was really difficult to get a good grasp of because of the verb and the lack of other words you normally see in a sentence with this kind of verb, but I think this makes sense in context. If anyone has a better suggestion, the original Japanese is しかし、ここは進化一択で行かせてもらうぜ!

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