Jobless – Chapter 60 and 61

Hi all,

As said, 2 more chapters before end so the two chapters are here!

60 and 61

Thanks everyone for supporting us all this while!
Hope you like the work, and maybe we might see each other on other works or for some other reason!


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Jobless – Chapter 59

Long Story Short: I am planning to stop translating Jobless in another 2 chapters.

Chapter 59

Long Story…as it is: It’s been a while since I started Jobless as a request from Rumanshi when I was still doing Other World Tamer. It was short and interesting at that time so I didn’t really mind doing it.

But I guess the pace and the story didn’t really stir me up for long, before I started feeling pressured to complete a chapter every week.  With that, as I am doing this on my leisure, I don’t see the point of pressuring myself to do something that is supposedly for ‘Fun’, which comes to the decision of stopping it. I have told Rumanshi a while ago and he has started requesting for a replacement, but sadly, I think it is time for me to move on for my side.

To end it off, thanks for all the support you have given me, or at least this series that have been on-going for quite a while. While it was tough recently, I did learn a few things during this translation journey with Jobless.

Again, thank you very much. Arigatou Gozaimashita!

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I have been contacted and been told  our OWMB translator is unable to get into the habit of translating Other World’s Monster Breeder again.  It’s unfortunate but such is the way of life.   Thus, I am now recruiting both TL’s for OWMB and Jobless (as previously mentioned).

While waiting, I am currently trying to get a new chapter of OWMB out myself, although it won’t be as good as if somebody else did it.

Cheers, Rumanshi.

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Jobless – Chapter 58

Chapter 58 is here!

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THWAFG – Volume 2, Chapter 9 Link

Chapters done: 3/30
27 more to go.

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Jobless – Chapter 57


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Jobless – Chapter 56

Chapter 56

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