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OWMB Chapter 63

Chapter 63


Hey, everyone, I’m finally back. I never meant to be gone so long, but I’ve got my schedule under control and I’ve finally gotten myself back into translating. I don’t have a set release schedule yet, but for now, here’s chapter 61.

Pokegod (OWMB) Update

Hey everyone, releases are going to be a little sporadic for a while. I just got promoted to a full-time position at work, and we just entered our peak season, which will end around Christmas, so I have been and will be pretty busy. I am going to keep working on translating, I’m just going to have less time to spend on it until things settle down at work, so I’ll just release chapters whenever I manage to finish them and try to do it as regularly as I can.

Pokegod (OWMB) 54

Hey everyone, sorry for the delay. This chapter was almost twice as long as most chapters, and I’ve been busy looking for a new place, which I have now found, so things just fell behind. I almost have chapter 55 done as well, so I should get that out tomorrow, and then 56 for next week’s.

Chapter 54

Pokegod (OWMB) Update

So I was planning a double release last weekend in order to get last week’s chapter and the one I still owe, but stuff happened and I didn’t finish, so instead here’s a triple release to be all caught up. Chapter 50 Chapter 51 Chapter 52

Also, I just noticed that the Information sections that show up at the end of some chapters are updated on the syosetsu site on every chapter, they are not published with specific chapters, so I’m going to stop translating them unless enough people want me to continue.