Updates and Recruitment

So I’m hard at work writing THWAFG, where I need to get 8 more chapters out this month, at least.  ;-;   So, hopefully that’ll happen soon.

OWMB Jason has his own account so I’m no longer in charge of posting those.

and Jobless~

Jobless is the one I need to talk to you guys about this time!  Me and Yoshiro discussed, and we felt the best option for us to proceed was this:

Yoshiro would continue working with the web novel as he’s been doing in the past.   I might poke him a bit and try and edit quicker.  But for


we are asking for someone to translate the light novel for us.  If you volunteer to do this, I’ll pay for the copy of the light novel for you.  Contact me at rumanshi2@gmail.com

That’s around it for now,




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