Other World’s Monster Breeder – Chapter 46

Translator: Jason

VS Mud Puppet


After working hard for 3 hours.

“Oh­—. You’ve gathered quite a bit, huh.”

In conclusion, Sheryl’s prediction seemed to be correct.

There was a mountain of iron and copper ore in front of my eyes.

There was also some rough crude iron and copper ore, which couldn’t be sold, in the middle, but couldn’t you say we had the best result?

“Souta-san. Could you please leave a portion of the middle of the ore we got today with me?”

“Mm. That’s fine, but what will you use it for?”

“Ummm. I will use it to make arms for the goblins, as requested before.”

“You can do that!?”

“Yes. If it is just this ore. Only the minimum facilities are inside the ball.”

“Ah! If it’s that, it would be very welcome!”

This is a happy miscalculation.

Replacing the goblins’ equipment has been resolved with a suitable cost….

If she can make the arms with the ore we mined, we could have massive savings.

“Huh? Come to think of it, I can’t see D anywhere….”

“Aphrodite-san ignored Master’s opinion and is running on her own. It seems she somehow wants to achieve something on her own.”

“Is that so…. That certainly is like her, but….”

I wonder why?

I have a really bad feeling.


Speak of the devil.

A voice I was familiar with resounded from inside the cave.

“Souta! S-Shwabe…shwabe mwe….”

Mud Puppet  Rank F LV 6/10

Vitality: 52

Attack Power: 18

Magic Power: 21

Mana: 15



What the? This déjà vu….

I looked towards that voice, and there was Aphrodite being attacked by multiple monsters.

The Mud Puppet was a monster that, like its name suggested, appeared to be a doll made of mud.

Worth mentioning is that it had elastic arms.

Aphrodite was caught by the Mud Puppet’s strong arms and suspended in the air, thus falling into a situation where her skirt was flipped up and her underwear was completely visible.

“I won’t allow it! Release my companion right now…!”

Good job!

That mud doll…has given me a wonderful arrangement, hasn’t it?


This is bad.

While I was saying a cool line, my gaze being fixed on Aphrodite’s underwear was probably discovered.

Don’t look!

Can you not look at me with such eyes!?

I’ve thought this for a while, but doesn’t Carolina react too sensitively to my ulterior motives?

“W-well then. Let’s concentrate on the match!”

At any rate, victory goes to the one who moves first.

Because no matter what kind of monster the opponent is, if I use the Ball then I can enslave them no questions asked.

I materialized the Capsule Ball and threw it at the Mud Puppet that was restraining Aphrodite.


The Capsule Ball gave of a brilliant light and the Mud Puppet was sucked in.


Got the first one!

Aphrodite, having been released from her restraints, fell to the ground with her legs still spread wide open.


Aphrodite screamed dully.

By the way, her skirt flipped up and her panties were completely exposed.

This girl must really want to show me her panties….

Carolina’s gaze is scary so I wish she would be more moderate.


They were probably on alert since their ally received a mysterious attack.

The remaining two Mud Puppets turned their backs and ran away into the cave.

“Don’t let them escape!”

Carolina immediately called out.

I felt the temperature inside the cave suddenly drop.

I wondered what happened and looked around. Carolina had trapped the Mud Puppets by encasing the ground in ice.

“Now then. Master. Please put an end to these insolent monsters.”


As I thought, Carolina is amazing!

Carolina who is too skilled.

Aphrodite who is only skilled in showing her panties.

In the fight this time, the difference between their abilities really showed itself, huh?

While thinking that, I captured the two remaining Mud Puppets.

  • Slave Monster Data

Mud Puppet

Reference NO: 751

Race: Rock Family

Rank: F

Level: 1

Vitality: 45

Attack Power: 15

Magic Power: 18

Mana: 12




Basic monster of the rock family.

Known for its regenerative ability that can heal damage immediately.

Has a hidden ability to transform into a strong monster by combining with other monsters of the same name.


  • Information

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TL Note: For those interested, the first volume can be found here and volume 2 here

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    1. Cannibox

      …wait a tic…they stole that directly from Dragon Warrior Monsters…a couple of goopi make a mudoll, a couple mudoll make a golem, and a couple golem make a stoneman…

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      1. -Codorniu-

        I dont think its stolen, its just a common concept. In the man picked up by the gods, the same concept is used for slimes: 100 slimes combine to a big slime, 1000 slimes combine to a king slime or something like that…


  1. spoilerproof

    thanks for the chapter~
    Has a hidden ability to transform into a strong monster by combining with other monsters of the same name.
    well not anymore. mass fusion ensues!!



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