Other World’s Monster Breeder – Chapter 52

Translator: Jason

The Guardian of the Treasure


After discovering the secret staircase inside the wall, I returned the Golem to the ball and headed underground.


“Master. Please watch your step.”


“Ah. Thanks.”


Carolina, who had the best physical ability of our party, took the lead.


The staircase was made perhaps 100 years ago…or maybe it was even more ancient than that.

The staircase, made of stone, seemed like it was going to crumble even now.


“How far…does this staircase go?”


“The smell of ore is rapidly getting closer. We’ll reach it soon.”


Sheryl, who was walking behind me, answered while sniffing her nose.


After walking for a little bit, we arrived at an open space, just like Sheryl said.


Silver Ore @ Rank D

(Ore with a lot of silver)


Gold Ore @ Rank C

(Stone with a lot of gold)


Platinum Ore @ Rank B

(Stone with a lot of platinum)




Immediately after, spread before our eyes was a mountain of precious ores on top of a box!


“I’m not mistaken. That’s actually platinum ore!”


Sheryl announced excitedly, while creeping her tongue out towards the ores.


“Amazing! If all the ore in this room is real, it wouldn’t be worth less than 400 million col!”


“400 million!?”


Hold on!

If I convert 400 million Adelheid col into Japanese yen…that would be worth 440 million yen!?[i]


What is this?

This was so far outside my sense of reality that I didn’t really know how to react.


“Gyaaaaaaaa! Wh-what is this—!?”


Suddenly Aphrodite’s scream sounded from inside the room.


A mysterious white mass was scattered at her feet.


These are…human bones?

They were old and their shapes had crumbled, but part of the skull was still distinct.


“It seems like the miners used this place to store treasure hundreds of years ago.”


“…How do you know that?”


“I will answer presumptuously. It is currently opened by the adventurers, but…Ares Mine used to be managed by the country.

Therefore, naturally, all the ores mined here are stored in the national treasury, but…one miner probably embezzled some ores and hid them here.”


“I see.”


Certainly, the bones were spread unnaturally on the ground.


Perhaps the person whose bones were lying around was the only one who knew about this room’s existence.


And maybe they were attacked by a monster while hiding the ores…?


I could agree that this room was probably abandoned for a long time.


“Yosh. Shall we collect the ores right away?”


Well, even if I worried about things long past, there was nothing I could do about it.


Because the important thing is the fact that we’ve encountered a chance to get rich quick!


Right after I went to put the platinum ores in the ball.


My vision suddenly wavered.




With a zugogogogo! sound, the ground split in two and gigantic stone rose up from the middle.


…No, that’s wrong.

The thing in front of my eyes was absolutely not a normal stone.


Iron Golem Rank C LV 20/20


Vitality: 125

Physical Strength: 288

Magic Power: 15

Mana: 10


What appeared from the ground was steel giant surpassing 10 meters…the Iron Golem.

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[i] $4,325,538


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