Other World’s Monster Breeder – Chapter 53

Translator: Jason

VS Iron Golem




The first thing the Iron Golem did upon appearing in front of us was a let out an ear-shattering roar.


“Master! Be careful! This monster seems to be angry at having its slumber disturbed!”


“Ah. Got it!”


This hidden room, which was made to hide the embezzled ores, was probably a very comfortable place for the golem’s slumber.


Even though we finally found the treasure, it seemed that we wouldn’t be able to return with it easily.


“Take this! One-hit KO!”



For me, this pinch…was a chance to capture a strong monster!


As long as I hit it with the Capsule Ball, it didn’t matter how strong the opponent was.




­­­­Just now, the ball clearly hit it, right!?

Why couldn’t it be captured!?




I see. I understand!


It was blocked by the mud covering its body!


For many years…no, for many decades, it has been sleeping in the ground.

The Iron Golem’s body has perfected a wonderful “Mud Armor”.


If this was a normal battle, you probably wouldn’t even notice the Mud Armor that has no defensive capability.


But to me, for whom the essential point was throwing the ball and making contact, this was the most troublesome thing.


Next was the Iron Golem’s attack.

It swung down its human-sized fist at me.




Its movement wasn’t too fast, but its power was incredible.

The ground I had been standing on was hollowed out as if a bomb fell on it.


“Fufufu! This seems like a life-or-death situation. Leave it to me now!”


Aphrodite gallantly ran out in front of me, stuck out her chest, and stood in front of the Iron Golem.


“Hey! It’s dangerous, get down!”


“There’s no use worrying. Did you forget about my status? Even though my status fell when I came down to earth, my vitality alone is the same as it originally was!”


If you say that, it makes sense!

If it’s Aphrodite, whose vitality exceeds 20,000, she could probably withstand the Iron Golem’s attacks.


“Now! Come at me! Golem-ch…fugya!”


The Iron Golem made use of its large body and squashed Aphrodite.


“Fufufu. You did well…! But in order to defeat me, the goddess of love and beauty, your body is too small.”


A-amazing! She really is unhurt!


Sorry. Aphrodite!

Up until just now, I had thought you were totally incompetent.


At this moment…I completely revised my opinion of you!


“Now! Caro!”


“Geez…someone like you….”


Following Aphrodite’s gaze, there was the figure of Carolina floating in the air with two wings sprouting from her back.


“Water Storm!”


After Carolina chanted the spell.

The Iron Golem’s body was covered in a mass of water.


“I see…! You’re washing away the mud with water!”


Carolina’s water magic didn’t give any direct damage to the Iron Golem, but washing off the Mud Armor hid sufficient power.


“Now! Master!”


“Alright! This time for sure!”


I wasn’t going to render Aphrodite and Carolina’s support waste.

The second ball I threw splendidly hit the Iron Golem’s body.


It seemed that this time I successfully captured the monster without a hitch.

The Capsule Ball let out a bright light and sucked in the Iron Golem’s large body.


Geez…this whole expedition was me getting saved by my allies.


And thus I successfully returned with an incredibly strong monster.


●Slave Monster Data


Iron Golem

Reference NO: 761

Race: Rock Family

Rank: C

Level: 1

Vitality: 80

Attack Power: 180

Magic Power: 10

Mana: 8



Rock Bullet




An average monster of the rock family.

Its strong point is its ability to shoot parts of its body at long distances at high speeds.

Can combine with other monsters of the same name to evolve into a stronger monster.



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    1. shadowtrap2010

      it is average… the better one probably mountain golum and the one after that probably continent!!!
      they average because of their simplicity but that also their strong point a fking tank!


  2. xias1

    Thanks for the chapter.

    But shouldn´t it be “Skill Iron Bullet” instead of “Rock Bullet” and in the decription it should say “An average monster of the iron / metal family.” instead of “rock family”.

    Or maybe it is meant to be “earth-type family” if the “family” is a division for monsters according to their elemental attributes.


  3. GonZ555

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    Seeing its description made me think “are you fucking kidding me? It like a walking (machine) gun.” especially when i noticed the last part of its description, meaning it could get even stronger. θ~θ


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    is it wrong of me to think that various monster population will turn into endangered species because a certain someone is collecting them like pokemons….


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