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Pokegod (OWMB) Chapter 47

So, I didn’t quite make it back onto schedule yet. I got caught up in a really good Korean drama and then a novel someone else is translating, and those just sucked up my time. I’m going to try harder this week. Anyway, though here is chapter 47.

Pokegod (OWMB) Chapters 45 and 46

Hey everyone, this is Jason. I’ve recently gotten an account on WordPress so I can start doing this myself. I apologize for the short hiatus on releases. I recently got a new job in the very early morning, so it’s thrown off my schedule a little bit and left me rather tired. To make up for it, though, here is chapter 45 and here is chapter 46. I’ll try to get 47 out in the next couple of days, and then the regularly scheduled 48 this Friday, and then I’ll be back on schedule.