OWMB – Chapter 63

Tanslator: Jason

Aphrodite’s Daily Life

The highlights so far–.
The results of the soul manipulation skill are that I have taken over the mind of the mad mush in the capsule ball.

So the inside of the ball has become like this, huh?

A wide grassland spread out in front of my eyes.

What is it…this feeling…?
Oddly settling, or healing…?

It was the first time I had entered, but I felt that, if it was in this ball, I could spend thousands of hours.

I finally made it, so let’s take a look around at Aphrodite, Carolina, and Sheryl’s situations.

I’ve been interested for a while now about what the three of them normally do inside the ball.

“Munya munya…. Souta…no food yet~? ”

First is Aphrodite.
It seems that for her, whether she was in the ball or outside, what she did wouldn’t change.

She was mumbling carefreely in her sleep atop the soft and fluffy kedamalo’s stomach.

Only 1 point.
If I brought one point that was different from usual, it was that, inside the ball, Aphrodite was even more defenseless than any other time.

Through the gaps in her pajamas, her two breasts that filled it to bursting were peeking out intermittently.


What? Perhaps this situation is a once in a lifetime opportunity?

No wonder.
Currently, my mind is in the body of the mad mush.

In this situation, Aphrodite won’t be able to see through my ulterior motives, and if it gets found out, the entire crime can be charged to the mad mush.

In other words…it is the setup for the perfect crime.

At no risk, I can satisfy myself with Aphrodite’s breasts; lucky!

Having decided that, I should strike while the iron is hot!


Something unexpected happened.

I decided to take a big leap, and at the moment I tried to jump at Aphrodite’s body.
All of a sudden the kedamalo send my body flying using its large body.


Fortunately I was in the ball where there was no large damage, but the mad mush’s light body flew ten meters away.

This was a surprise.

Perhaps that kedamalo…did it see through my secret intentions as I approached?

After it sent me flying, the kedamalo also displayed its wariness.

Damn you, Aphrodite!
Again…and again…you oppose my supremacy!

This time is thanks to a subordinate’s fun play[1], huh?

Next time for sure…I’ll make those two drooping ripe fruits mine and have you show them to me!

Having judged that achieving this mission was difficult due to an unexpected ambush, I headed off to see the situation of the next person while refusing to admit defeat.

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[1] This is literally what the Japanese text says, and I couldn’t find any source that helped me understand it better, so I just left it as is.