Other World’s Monster Breeder – Chapter 62

Translator: Jason

Soul Manipulation

After working on combinations, it was time to go to sleep.

Aphrodite, that girl, was totally absorbed in the kedamalo, so it seemed like I was finally able to use the bed all by myself.

I-It’s not really lonely, you know?

It was regrettable that I would no longer have the opportunity to gaze upon her magnificent chest, but I was excited at the thought of being able to use that huge bed.

If I considered the state of my health if I continued to lose sleep for a while, this was a good thing.

Now then.
Let’s check my current status before I go to bed.

Kazehaya Souta

Occupation: Monster Tamer
Level: 570
Vitality: 258
Attack Power: 96
Magic Power: 205
Mana: 2963

Divine Protection
Absolute Domination

Capsule Ball, Appraisal Eye, Monster Synthesis, Contact, Soul[1] Manipulation

Carolina Burton
Sheryl O’Telrod
Adamite Golem
Goblin Knight x1 5
Light Mush[2] x6
Kitsunebi x4
Mad Mush x2

Soul Manipulation  Class B  Active
(A skill that takes over the soul of an enslaved monster)

●Acquisition conditions

Rare evolution at least 1 time
Mana: over 1000

Under Skills .was the newly added “Soul Manipulaion”.

It seems I was able to meet the acquisition conditions thanks to the rare evolution of the wolf.

But soul manipulation….
It was a very dangerous skill.

After all, my body would be defenseless while I was using the skill, right?
Fortunately this time I’m in bed at the inn so it should be safe, but I feel like this isn’t a skill I can use in the middle of combat.

After I selected the soul manipulation skill.
A new window appeared.

System Message
(Please select a target monster)

Carolina Burton
Sheryl O’Telrod
Adamite Golem
Goblin Knight
Light Mush
Mud Mush

And then I immediately selected Aphrodite.

D-don’t misunderstand.
There isn’t really any ulterior motive.

It’s just that, by chance, Aphrodite happens to be on at the top of the list of selections. There’s no other reason.

There’s no I was thinking about invading her mind and touching her outrageous chest with abandon. Absolutely not.

System Message
(Your status is insufficient to use Soul Manipulation on that monster)

It seems that my status wasn’t enough to invade Aphrodite’s mind.

Damn you, Aphrodite!
Why is she like this…I’ll only be able to do it at a time when it’s inconvenient for me.

Now then.
What to do now?

Now that I think about it, since it’s the first I’m testing this skill, I should choose a monster that is safe.

Having decided that, I chose the name of the Mad Mush in the window screen.

If it was this guy with his Disorder Powder skill that causes arousal…I might have just one chance to do erotic things.

Even if I can’t take over its mind directly, that doesn’t mean I should give up hope!

– – – – – – – – – – – –

When my consciousness returned…what entered my sight was a grassland that continued indefinitely.

Where is this?
I was just laid out on my bed and was attempting to verify the skill, but….

The surrounding bushes were extremely big, I felt like my line of sight was getting lower, but….

“Noko! ?”

And then I noticed the changes that had occurred to my body.

So that’s it!
Right now…my soul is in the Mad Mush’s body!?

In that case, perhaps this grassland is!?

It seems that…I have somehow ended up inside the capsule ball that I could only ever view from the outside….

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[1] This is one of those really hard to translate Japanese words, 精神. It refers to the mind, spirit, soul, and heart in pretty much every figurative sense of the words. For example, it’s one of the words that together I translated as “mana”, literally “spirit power”. “Mind” and “spirit” have different connotations, especially in a fantasy setting, but I thought “soul” was the closest to getting across the intended meaning, especially after the rest of the chapter

[2] After thinking about it, I’m going to change these to Mush instead of Marsh. They resemble mushrooms, and in Japanese both “mush” and “marsh” would be マッシュ. If I get around to it, I’ll change the past chapters, but for now this will only be from here on out