Other World’s Monster Breeder – Chapter 50

Translator: Jason

Mine Revenge


After we finished shopping, it was time for our expedition.


Going without a break yesterday, I headed to Ares Mine.



All you ores! Wait for me!


Today for sure we’ll make a lot of money!


“Fu-fufu~n♪ M~y name i~s Aphrodite ↑↑ Pr-pr-pretty! Super cute! The goddess who everyone looks a~t♪”


The one who brought down my motivation was Aphrodite.



Why that…hopeless song….


Thanks to her singing in the cave, it echoed horribly and hurt our ears.


“Aphrodite-san. What is it? That odd song….”


It was natural for Carolina to be amazed.

After shopping with me, Aphrodite has had this kind of tension the whole time since.


Did she hit her head somewhere?


“Nee. Caro. Have you…ever felt the joy of being loved by a man?”


Aphrodite, getting carried away, announced that bombshell.



Why would you such a major thing at this time!?


In reality…I guess Carolina probably had a lover.


Maybe not now, but in the past she probably had many.

I can’t imagine the surrounding men neglecting a beauty like Carolina.


“I don’t know. For me, Maou-sa…gohon! That person, I have always loved one-sidedly.



If the existence of Carolina’s loved one was revealed with this, couldn’t she get back on her feet in short order?


But, who is the man Carolina has continued to think of for 300 years!?

I’m too envious!


“Pupu! You don’t know then! Caro, you’re making a face like you have no luck with men.”




Having been agitated by Aphrodite, Carolina’s veins in her temple popped out.


Because the mood between the two of them became dangerous for some reason, I attempted to change the topic.


“Naa. Sheryl. There’s something I was wondering about….”


“Yes. What is it?”


“Today I was thinking for rare ores instead of copper and iron. Isn’t there a good method for that?”


“Hmm. It’s not impossible, but…it would be difficult.”


“…Why is that?”


“Because there are many adventurers like you who search for rare ores! The gold and silver ores have likely been depleted by those who came to look for them before.”


“Certainly…it makes sense if you put it that way.”


People like me who could store an unlimited number of items were one thing, but there was a limit to the number of ores that normal adventurers could bring home.


Thinking about it, it was only natural that the rare ores would be hunted preferentially.


“Yeah, but wait. On the other hand…if we go to the center of the mine that other people don’t approach, there is a possibility we can monopolize the rare ores, right?”


“Exactly! But, because the road will become that much more dangerous if we go to the center…the risk of a disaster will increase as well….”


“I see. It’s troublesome, huh.”


For me who could infinitely store items in the ball, it probably made more sense to follow the pattern of gathering a huge amount of cheap ores and selling them.


“I’m not worried about that.”


The one who butted into our conversation was Carolina.


“The terrain of this mine has already been completely investigated according to the report of my underlings. Master, I can guide you to the middle area that you desire to see.”


A single bat had perched on the shoulder of Carolina, who was calmly informing us.


“Perhaps, Caro, do you understand bats!?”


“Yes. Yesterday I thought that this might happen, and I asked the bats in this cave to report on the terrain.”




As expected of our party’s ace…she’s always capable.

And in contrast, there’s Aphrodite.


“Ugyaaaaaaa! What is that! This bat is!? Go over theeeerrrre!”


She was in a panic from the bat fluttering around her body.


“Hey. Caro. You’re not controlling that bat, right?”


“…Correct. That bat attacking Aphrodite-san is entirely coincidental.”




I felt like the timing of that coincidence was quite arbitrary, but….


I felt that it would bring unnecessary trouble to dig any further, and that it would be better to just stay quiet.

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