Other World’s Monster Breeder – Chapter 49

Translator: Jason

Date with the Goddess (Latter Part)


“This shop’s goods are no good at all…. I’m not happy that the stated materials are different from the actual ones.”


It seemed that there was nothing in the shop that caught Aphrodite’s eye.


Is this the right time?

I let the clerk know that we had decided to leave.


“I’m sorry. There is nothing here that we’re interested in, so we’ll just….”


“Cu-customer! Please wait a moment!”


Panicked, Snelika-san detained us at the exit.


“What is it? Is there still something? We’re not really free, you know?”


“Eh. I apologize for taking up your time. However, you have not yet seen our shop’s recommended bed, which we specially sent away for….”


“Do you not understand yet? I have lost interest…not in the goods, but in this shop.”


Aphrodite raising her voice up until now was rare.


She was probably angry at the man who was trying to scam her about her hobby (?), beds.



It was Sheryl who knew all about ores.


Our female members get quite passionate about their hobbies.


“I-is that so? Please excuse me. I had thought that the bed I introduced you to would be perfect for a couple such as yourselves, but….”


Haha! Too bad!

We are not lovers!


Foolish man, not even knowing that.

This sales pitch should have killed Aphrodite’s interest, but….


“C-couple…you say…!? I-if you say that much, I guess I can look just a little bit….”


She was incredibly interested!?


I don’t understand why, but Aphrodite ate up the phrase “perfect for a couple”.


“Ehh. To tell the truth, this time we have mixed into our recommended bed the spores of the Mad Marsh. With this…even herbivorous men[1] will be the same! When they see a woman, they’ll transform into unparalleled wolves that indiscriminately jump at women!”


“…I-I see. It certainly seems like that would happen.”


“Yes. And for the couple that is distant from their night life, this bed will show a tremendous result. And if you act now, you can purchase it with a loan payable in 100 installments.”


When I looked at the bed the clerk was timidly promoting…the price was a shocking 1,500,000 marks!


Guha! Wasn’t that a joke!

If I got this bed, wouldn’t I end up in debt hell instantly!?


“Trickery! You are…tricking us!”


The clerk’s promotion of a shitty product was quite clear.


“Customer. I am currently discussing with this young lady, so would please remain silent?”


“That’s right! Shut up, Souta! I am having a serious discussion with this person!”




I didn’t understand the trick, but he got Aphrodite onto his side.


If that was the case, I didn’t have time to pick my method.


“D. 【Come here】.”


I used the Absolute Control of a monster breeder and hugged Aphrodite tightly.


Furthermore, as passionately as I could….

I hugged the goddess’ soft body as if I was lusting after her insatiably.




I was able to hear my heart pounding.


Even though it was me, I did that.


Before Aphrodite’s soft body, my heart was pounding like it never had before in my life.


“C-customer…? What in the world…?”


Snelika-san was dumbfounded at this situation.


That’s that.

Anyone would have that reaction if a man and woman shared a steaming embrace right in front of them.


“That’s not necessary! We are lovey-dovey even without borrowing the power of such a suspicious item!”


That was an embarrassing thing to say, even if I say so myself, but it was the only way out that situation.


If the other side was going to misunderstand that we were a couple, then I would make use of that.


“…I-is that so? I apologize. I will wait for you to return to this store.”


He said as if to make the figure of the couple unashamedly flirting in public get away.

With that, the talented clerk Snelika-san no longer detained us.



I wonder if that was a little careless?


Even if I said that there weren’t any other options, when I think back on it, I feel that my actions had a high risk.


From now on, if we have something to do, I don’t think we could enter that shop.


“Sorry! Aphrodite! Please just bear with not having a soft and fluffy canopy bed for a little while longer.”




Was she shocked at suddenly being embraced by me?

For a while after we left the shop, Aphrodite distractedly tottered along behind me.


“So a man’s body…was that hard….”


After this there will just be time until we head out on our trip—.

Aphrodite was repeatedly mumbling something to herself.

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[1] The original word in Japanese is 草食系男子 (soushokukeidanshi), which refers to men who are not traditionally stereotypical and are not really involved in the pursuit of money or sex


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