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THWAFG – Volume 2, Chapter 3

I told you, I had a chapter written! ¬†It’s, it’s not as though I want you to like me or anything, baka!

(Here’s the link ūüėõ ¬†Please bear with me. ¬†Ed: ¬†Please picture a bear when reading this sentence.)

I need to get better at writing fight scenes :/


THWAFG – Volume 2, Chapter 1

Hello~ ¬†I finally completed¬†the third guaranteed chapter. ¬†Three more chapters this month ( 1 guaranteed, 1 sponsored, 1 patreon). ¬†If I fail, It’ll carry over and I will owe an extra guaranteed chapter. ¬† Hopefully won’t fail though.

Here’s the chapter I lied about didn’t get done on time.


THWAFG – Volume 2, Prologue (2)

Many apologies!  Got delayed! Volume 2, Chapter 1 should be out in the next two days!

Please consider supporting me on Patreon. ¬† I’ll be updating it in the next few days, so stay tuned!


OWMB (Pokegod) – Chapter 40

Translated by Jason again!

We’ve done it! ¬†We’ve finished a volume of Pokegod! ¬† ¬†We got to the end of this one thanks to Jason, after I lost motivation, so send him some praises and thanks!



Pokegod (OWMB) – Chapter 39

Translator is Jason again.  It seems Pokegod release has changed to Friday now.

Exams are over so next up is:  Editing the next few chapters of Shinka no Mi.
Writing a lot of chapters of THWAFG in order to catch up.
Find an easy project that won’t take time.