THWAFG – Volume 2, Chapter 4

Hi guys!

So, yeah.  I didn’t post the chapters on the suggested schedule, but that’s alright.  It means you’ll get an even bigger bulk released at the end of the month.

If you’re wondering why I haven’t yet, it’s simply me trying to have more quality in my works.   Well, the link is here.

On a side note, what do you think of the new theme for the site!?  Any suggestions?  Any complaints?


Cheers, Rumanshi.

8 thoughts on “THWAFG – Volume 2, Chapter 4

  1. gregluck

    Thanks for the chapter,
    Also I didn’t quite like the new theme, I don’t know why it just doesn’t feel good.
    Maybe I’m just not used to it.


      1. gregluck

        Hmm sorry but no idea, it’s just feel something doesn’t fit in, sorry for bothering you about the theme when I got no answer though.


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