Other World’s Monster Breeder – Chapter 43

Translator: Jason

To the Mine

We promptly walked out of Saint Bell, and finally arrived at our destination.

“This is Ares Mine, huh?”

How do I say it, it seemed like cheese filled with holes.

There were countless entrances along the vertical slope of the mine.

Goblin Elite Rank F LV 4/10

Vitality: 35

Attack Power: 39

Magic Power: 22

Mana: 11


Isn’t that the evolved form of the goblin, Goblin Elite, over there!?

I guess the goblin elites live on this rocky mountain.

They’re precious materials for combinations, but let’s ignore them since the ball won’t reach if I throw it from here.

“Ares Mine is an area where many miners once commuted to from Saint Bell.

But I heard that the mining has been left to adventurers because recently the profits have been going down and the number of monsters appearing has increased.”

“As expected of Caro. She’s well-informed.”

“…Thank you for those words of which I am unworthy. However, if it is regarding knowledge in this field, Sheryl-san should know it much better.”

“That’s right. Cause Sheryl’s a weapons dealer.”

Since that point was raised, I looked to Sheryl, but somehow her body was trembling oddly.

“Uoooooo! It’s the mine after a long time! My blood iz boiling!”

Suddenly Sheryl brandished the guild-issued pickaxe with a hum.

Hold on.

Being motivated is good, but no matter what, isn’t her tension too high?

“Ah. Right. Perhaps Sheryl’s race, the gnomes, really loves earth and stone?”

“Az expected of Souta-zan! That’s exactly it!”

The knowledge I cultivated in games is useful.

It seems that my expectations were right on the mark.

“We gnomes were originally called ‘Spirits of the Earth’. We eat the ores taken from places like this. If tasty-looking ores are found, we head right over!”

“I-is that so…?”

No matter how much her appearance is that of a beautiful girl, the figure of her happily eating ore would be somewhat severe.

Let’s pretend I didn’t hear what she just said.

While thinking that, I headed inside the mine.

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