Other World’s Monster Breeder – Chapter 42

Translator:  Jason

A New Hunting Ground!?

Chloe Gryce

Race: Cat Sith

Age: 18

“Congratulations! After consideration…Souta-san’s adventurer rank has been raised to F Rank!”

When I arrived at the Adventurers’ Guild, the receptionist Chloe-chan congratulated me.

By the way, Chloe-chan is a high-level beauty with a small body and shoulder-length black hair.

Her cat ears on top of her head are too splendid!

“Umm…. Is that something to be happy about!”

In the first place, is F Rank something good?

Because there are eight adventurer ranks from S to G, I felt that one rank-up wasn’t a big deal.

“Of course! Honestly, Souta-san’s leveling speed is exceptional even among the exceptions. They say it normally takes a novice adventurer one year to raise their rank to F!

It seems that the guild assessed Souta-san’s service in the Cockatrice Subjugation Quest the other day.”

“Is that so?”

Certainly, the cockatrice I fought before was a fierce enemy.

Absolute Control     Grade     Details Unknown

(The divine protection bestowed to the person who has the qualifications to rule all things in nature.)

Because it was me, with the divine protection <Absolute Control> that can make any monster my companion         100% of the time, I somehow did it, but—.

When normal adventurers encounter a cockatrice, they probably disappear in a moment.

Kazehaya Souta

Occupation: Monster Tamer

Level 570 (↑1)

Vitality 258 (↑0)

Physical Strength 96 (↑0)

Magic Power 205 (↑0)

Mana 2963 (↑5)

Divine Protection

Absolute Control


Capsule Ball Judgement Eyes Demon Combination Contact



Carolina Barton

Sheryl O’Telrod


Goblin Knight x 15

Wolf x 4

Light Marsh x 6

Mad Marsh x 2

Ah. That’s right.

I forgot to confirm it, but I seem to have leveled up for subjugating the cockatrice.

My status rose just a little bit, but the number of monsters I can enslave increased thanks to my level reaching a multiple of ten, so I was happy.

“Due to your adventurer rank rising, new quests that you can accept have been added! For the full details, please look at the guild board.”


Having received Chloe-chan’s explanation, I went to the board with jobs posted for F Rank adventurers.

Then after ten minutes.

The quests I noticed this time are as below.

☆Search Type Quests

  • Collecting Iron Ore

Required R: F

Success Conditions: Return with iron ore

Reward: gram unit price 5 col

Repeat: Allowed

  • Collecting Copper Ore

Required R: F

Success Conditions: Return with copper ore

Reward: gram unit price 10 col

Repeat: Allowed

  • Collecting Silver Ore

Required R: F

Success Conditions: Return with silver ore

Reward: gram unit price 50 col

Repeat: Allowed

  • Collecting Gold Ore

Required R: F

Success Conditions: Return with gold ore

Reward: gram unit price 200 col

Repeat: Allowed

  • Collecting Platinum Ore

Required R: F

Success Conditions: Return with platinum ore

Reward: gram unit price 600 col

Repeat: Allowed


These quests overflowing with romance!

These ores can all be collected at the Ares Mine area, which is a two-hour walk from Saint Bell.

It’s hard to understand because the reward is gram unit price, but it seems to be quite favorable conditions.

To the say the least, the highest rank “platinum ore” is three times the price of the “gold ore”.

In other words…it’s possible to get rich quick if I by some mistake obtain a large quantity of platinum ore.

…And, well, even I don’t expect things to go well to that extent.

It’s be a stroke of luck if I could find the “Ores that have the toughness and stickiness necessary to make weapons” that Sheryl requested in this mine.

Having accepted new quests, I lightly headed off to Ares Mine.

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