The Harem was a Forced Goal – Volume 2, Prologue (2)

Volume 2, Prologue (2)

The female who had just been apprehended by the guards, was obviously not overpowered. No, as she was the angel designated to protect the kid named ‘Fei’, of course these weakling guards would not be able to even touch a hair on her head. Rather, she had chosen to turn herself in. Having guarded over Fei for this time, she had begun to alter her picture of him, into the image of a weak older brother.

“It’s been long enough, right? I don’t need to do it from the shadows anymore? It’s too boring! Seeing Fei-nii having fun while I don’t do anything!”

The little angel said such things while puffing out her cheeks.

“Fei-nii will have to compensate me for these years of boredom! Elder sister would never compensate me, so Fei-nii will have to do instead!”

These past years, she had been fighting off all the monsters who, by the normal standards of this world, would kill many of the guards and cause the students to be enlisted to kill them. The monsters were just that powerful. Occasionally, she didn’t manage to hide herself and as soon as she defeated the monster, she would run away thinking it would be good enough to hide her identity.

While that is what she hoped for, she didn’t know that rumours about her existence had spread across the academy. It’s not like she cared anymore, though. She planned on revealing her existence to Fei after having a talk with the one in charge of the academy.

Hopefully, she would be permitted to act as a student, while only spending time with Fei. Then, he would entertain her in payment for all those times she prevented the academy from being attacked.

“Hehehe~ Fei-nii will play with me!”

The guards looked at their captive muttering to herself and felt a sense of unease. They, who were trained in dealing with many types of people, felt that having a relationship with this young girl was something that would scare even the most fearless of people. So, they avoided harassing this person like they would if it were just a normal individual.

They wondered if the headmaster would continue his usual antics in front of this frightening young girl, or if he would display a more serious attitude that he only ever has in the gravest of situations. Of course, they would never find out as they would return to patrolling as soon as they have delivered this girl to the headmaster.

“Say, why do I feel like a shift in the world is about to happen?”

One of them spoke to the other in a casual tone.

“Because you’re a weirdo! Like shit there’s any change anywhere near happening! Although the monsters haven’t come and attacked recently, it’s not like they’ve stopped permanently! There are even rumours that there were monsters, but they were fought off before we were needed to! And thank god! We would be dead if there were any monsters! Only top-tier adventurers and students even stand a chance in a battle with monsters!”

The guard had a long-winded response which made the other one lower his head in thought.

‘Perhaps he’s right…but I’m still getting the feeling some things are going to change soon.’

They continued walking to the headmaster’s office in silence, however every so often it was interrupted by the girl’s ramblings…

“Fei-nii! Fei-nii! Play with me! Leave your place and you shall see~ Life is good with Eri~”

If the guards were paying attention to the little girl, they would have associated the ‘Fei-nii’ from the girl’s ramblings as the prince that had been attending the academy for quite some time now. However, they were more focused on completing their task to escape from the atmosphere this character created.

They finally reached the headmaster’s office and quickly knocked on the door. A feeling of relief came over them when the headmaster said to send the girl in and leave.

The little girl walked into a room with the headmaster with a stern look as he began to speak.

“Who are you and what is your purpose in coming here?”

The little girl tilted her head.

“I… am Eri? My purpose… Play~ Hehe!”

She jumped up and down as she said so but was quickly knocked into a seat when the headmaster flicked towards her.

“Hey~ Why’d you do that, mister?”

“I’m sorry, but what are you doing at this academy? Who sent you here?”

The headmaster had a stern look on his face as he looked at the angel, as though he was about to snap at any moment. Seeing this, Eri calmed down.

“I… was sent to guard Fei-nii~ By Goddess-sama~”

“Not to establish relations with the academy? Simply to guard that fellow? Why?”

“Hehe. Can’t say! Lemme be a student here. Fei-nii has to spend time with me now!”

The headmaster sighed as it was odd. Why would an angel protect that kid. Whatever. The headmaster just wanted to play and his ability to act as an ‘official’ was irritating him. He much preferred playing around!

“If you want to be with that kid, first fight me!”


“?!?! Why not?!”

“Can’t be bothered. Make me a student.”

The headmaster hung his head dejectedly, he was looking forward to a fight with this little girl (angel)! It seemed like he wouldn’t get one though.

“Fine. The details about this place will be told to you when you get to your room. A guard will send you there.”

“Fei-nii~ I’m coming!”

(Oi. Guards nearby to my office. I want you to send this person to a room nearby Lun Fei. Got it?)

(Got it.)

The guards who received this transmission were confused. It seemed that the rumoured individual who had been protecting the academy was related to Lun Fei in some way. But now that she wasn’t protecting them, wouldn’t they be in danger now?

Their eyes gave off a depressed look when they led Eri to her new room.

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