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PokeGod (OWMB) – Chapter 43

Rumanshi:  Sorry, forgot to post this yesterday.   I hope you enjoy, cheerio.

Linky – Translated by Jason


Hey guys!

This post is just to ask for a bit of feedback.

Is it clear that there are multiple translators on this site, or is it being ‘Rumanshi’s Lair’ too confusing?

Is it clear that ‘The Harem Was A Forced Goal’ is an original English novel that I write?

Is there anything you’d like to see improvements in?

After that, just say what you guys want.  I’ll see what I can do.  Cheers,


Other Worlds Monster Breeder – Chapter 1 (Mtl)

Hey guys!

Today’s post is a release of a web novel that I was looking at!   It’s called Other Worlds Monster Breeder and I haven’t read ahead 😛  Don’t ask, don’t post spoilers!   The link is here.

Please enjoy reading it and suggest any improvements you might think of.  My JP knowledge is the most basic, but I’m learning (slowly).  Still a few days before THWAFG is due~~~

Ummm yeah.  That should be it!

Din No Monshou – Chapter 4 (A)

Let’s just put this on this site as well… Hehe.

Raising the Dead Backup Site

So, I decided to do it like this because I’m unsure of a few things in my own life at the moment.   So, do you guys prefer the format from before, or how I’ve done it now?

Translator:  Rumanshi

Click my name for my blog.   I work on writing original English stuff, which isn’t why my translating takes so long…  I write them on my phone mostly.

Without further ado, Part A of Chapter 4.

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