Other World’s Monster Breeder – Chapter 44

Translator:  Jason

Motivation Boost

“Nuo! This is…darker than I thought….”
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Even though it was still the afternoon, the inside of the mine was darker than I thought it would be.

Because the entrance was right in front of my eyes it was a little better, but my vision got worse farther inside.

“Umm…we did get lanterns from the guild, right…?”

We had a set of two items that we received from the guild when we accepted this quest, a pickaxe and a pocket lantern.

Incidentally, in regards to these items, they were, as expected, not free.

One pickaxe was 5000 col and one pocket lantern was 2000 col.

In other words…at this point, adding up three people we already have 21,000 col in expenses.

Preparing tools for four people was a painful expense.

In particular, the pocket lantern is an item the consumption of which is intense and requires replacement often.

“Master. Please be at ease.”

When I took out a pocket lantern from the ball, a ball of flame flew out from Carolina’s index finger.

“Oh…. It suddenly got brighter, huh?”

“It’s a magic called ‘Flashlight’ that lights up the darkness. This magic can last for 8 hours when you use it.”

As expected of Carolina!

If we can use magic, we can keep down the consumption of the pocket lanterns.

I want to say that it would have been good if she said something before I bought the lanterns, but…saying that would be boorish.

“You saved us. As I thought, Caro is reliable.”

“…Thank you very much. I am unworthy of such words.”

On the other hand, the one who isn’t reliable is our goddess.

When I thought that she had been strangely obedient for a while, Aphrodite rushed ahead of the other members to collect the ores.

“Fufufu. Souta! Look at this!”

Stone@[1] Grade G

(Normal stone with nothing unusual)

Aphrodite, with a smug look on her face, was carrying a large amount of ore in her arms.

“‘Look at this!’ you say…Isn’t that just normal stone?”

“Na! Eh! Lies!? But this stone…even though it’s this shiny and smooth!?”

“If you think it’s a lie, try using your God’s Eyes skill.”

When I pointed that out, Aphrodite angrily threw the stones in her arms.

“Na…. It really is! Ku…you’ve got some nerve to trick this goddess, don’t you!”

“No no no. Use your God’s Eyes skill from the beginning. Are you just going to waste such an incredibly convenient skill?”

The “God’s Eyes” skill that only the gods can have seems to be even more effective than my “Judgement Eyes”.

Judgement Eyes@ Grade B Active

(A skill that can see through the abilities of items and creatures that exist in Adelheid)

As a matter of fact, I’m jealous.

If I made use of Aphrodite’s God’s Eyes skill, I could see clearly not just girls’ three sizes, but even the color of their underwear.

“Uuu…. Even if you say that…God’s Eyes uses a lot of magical power so I can’t just use it recklessly….”

I-is that so?

If that’s the situation, then Aphrodite’s power won’t really be reliable during this quest.

In other words, we’ll operate like normal.

We have no choice but to somehow do this job with the remaining three people and the monsters’ power.


Crude Iron Ore@ Grade G

(Ore that contains very little iron)

“Oh. This stone is…!”

And then after walking for a little while, we discovered a seemingly valuable ore fallen by the roadside.

“Hey. Sheryl. How is this stone?”

“Unfortunately…there isn’t anyone who buy thiz kind of scrap iron. In the first place, there shouldn’t be any valuable materials left in this place.”


Certainly, if she says that….

When I think about it calmly, this stone was probably given a low value by adventures who tossed it and went home.

“But, if that’s the case, isn’t the chance of us being able to find ore hopeless? Since the valuable ores have probably been taken by the people who came before.”

“Yez. That’s why this place haz such a vibe…then we’ll just have to dig it out ourselves!”

Sheryl prefaced by saying so, then took the pickaxe in hand and brandished it towards the ground.

Copper Ore@ Grade F

(Ore with a lot of copper)

Iron Ore@ Grade F

(Stone with a lot of iron)


It came out! It came out!

The ore was buried surprisingly nearby, huh?

“Amazing! How do you know where the ore is buried!?”

“Thiz isn’t a big deal. It’s because we gnomes eat ore. We can roughly understand where they’re buried by smell.”

I didn’t know that.

I guess when your favorite food is ore you can use such an ability.

Hey hey.

Perhaps this is…Hasn’t our chance to get rich quick become much closer!?

“H-hey. Sheryl. If that’s the case, can you use that to show us around to the places where a lot of ore will come out?”

“Yeah. Naturally I waz planning to do that, but…. But! What’s wrong Souta-zan!? Scary! Your eyes are scary!”

“Is that so? I’m the same as always, though?”

“Not at all! I feel like some distance suddenly got closer…Why so suddenly!?”       


I was blinded by greed and my skinship became excessive.

I’ve got to be careful.

If I’m hated by Sheryl, then this operation will be totally wasted.

“Hey. Caro. We aren’t…thinking the same thing, are we?”

“What a coincidence. Just now…I was thinking about saying the same thing.”


What are you two whispering secretly about?

“I won’t let Sheryl-chan be the only one you think well of…!”

“I won’t let you monopolize…Master’s affection!”

I don’t really understand why, but is this result alright?

When I had some skinship with Sheryl, I felt like flames of motivation lit in the other two’s eyes.

[1] The author actually uses this symbol

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