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Hey guys!

This post is just to ask for a bit of feedback.

Is it clear that there are multiple translators on this site, or is it being ‘Rumanshi’s Lair’ too confusing?

Is it clear that ‘The Harem Was A Forced Goal’ is an original English novel that I write?

Is there anything you’d like to see improvements in?

After that, just say what you guys want.  I’ll see what I can do.  Cheers,


What’s Happening Now?

Hello people~

I ain’t posting a chapter today and probably not tomorrow either.  I might go and edit chapter nine at some point, so look out for a post that announces an updated chapter.   (Not might, I will be editing chapter nine.)   Basically, here’s the deal:

I need to study for HSC exams.  I’ve graduated school, but these exams are what judge whether I can get into university or not by giving me an ATAR.  The higher the ATAR = Better the course I can do.   I want to study international business and a language~  (Japanese  :P), so I need to get a fairly decent one.

On that note, the chapters should be fairly erratic, being one or two every 4-5 days, If I don’t end up:

  1.  Collapsing from studying too much.
  2. Crying over the fact I haven’t done anything.
  3. My medical illness plays up.