The Kicked Out S-Rank Appraiser Creates the Strongest Guild – Chapter 10 (Part 1/3)

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— Chapter Start —

A girl’s feelings 


The elf girl tooky a wary step back from the man who spoke out to her.  

She seemed to be scared of Roran.  

“Why does an elf have alchemy skills…?”

When he said that, the elf girl stared at Roran taken aback.  

(This guy, no way… my skill)   

For a while, the two stared at each other curiously.

“Ano, do you need something from my daughter? 

When Roran turned to face the voice, there was an elf who appeared to be the girl’s mother.  

She had an elfl-y youthful appearance, which made her appear quite childish, but on the other hand her facial expressions and gestures which gave the sense of motherly grief struggling with raising a child and living.  

Like her daughter, she was looking at Roran with a scared look, perhaps she was the shy type.  

“Excuse me.  I am the representative of the alchemy guild, Spirit Arsenal.”  


“For some reason or another, I was curious about your daughter’s skill, because she had a lot of alchemy skills such as silversmithing, I was just a bit surprised and so I called out.”

“Appraisal…,  When you say that, are you an appraiser?”

“Yeah.   It’s rare, eh.   Even though she is an elf, she has silversmithing, product development and even product design.  Furthermore, it seems that there is still room for growth.”  

(This guy…   Seeing this child’s skill to that level from simply passing by each other…  So far I have never seen such a skilled appraiser.)

“Excuse me but, how did your daughter learn alchemy?”  

“Here is a little… “ 

She looked around as if she was worried about gazes in the surroundings.  

“Would you like to talk in the store?”  

The elfs mother said as such with a little laugh.  

It was such a smile that one could understand she was laughing forcibly. 
Roran decided to go indoors with her urging.   

In the flower shop run by the elf, a wide variety of flowers were in full bloom. 

Elves have the ability to communicate with nature and promote the growth of vegetation.  

Most likely raised by that power, it was a wonderful assortment.  

From seasonal flowers to flowers that should not be blooming at this time of year, Roran thought that there were no flowers that wouldn’t bloom in this shop.   

However, the product display and price tags weren’t making up for the losses, so it seemed the management wasn’t going well.  

After closing the store, the elfs mother led Roran to the back room. 

And then she introduced herself again with her daughter.  
The daughter’s name is Charl.
The mothers name is Shilds.  

“When this child was younger, she lived in a dwarven cave.” 

“Dwarven?   Why on earth?” 

“Once, there was a dispute between the elves and the dwarves.   At that time, our village was attacked but this child was taken away by the dwarves at that time.  

“Such a thing…”

“Because she was treated as a prisoner of war, it seems that her treatment wasn’t bad and nothing violent occured, and for some reason she learned alchemy from a dwarf she met there.”  

“So that’s why you have so many alchemy skills…”   

Many dwarves are proficient in alchemy because they lived in caves and their livelihood was sustained by processing the ore from them.  

If you learned alchemy from a dwarf, then it is no wonder why one would have these alchemy skills.  

“After the conflict with the dwarves, this child was safely returned.   But, it seems that this child after returning is hiding and still secretly practising alchemy.”  

When Shilds said so, Charl lowered her head embarrassedly 

Apparently, in an elf family, her daughters alchemy proficiency wasn’t very well received.   

“Umm,  would you like for her to work in my workshop?   Right now, my workshop is looking for a good alchemist.    It may be a bit complicated for you parents, but with this much alchemy skill and qualities, she would be an immediate asset and we will prepare the same treatment as an S-class silversmith.”  


Shills looked as though she had her breath taken away.   

It seemed to surprise her that her daughter was so talented.   

“It’s a shame she has all these qualities but doesn’t make use of them.  Could I please hire her?”

“That…  I will have to talk to my husband.”  

The elf’s mother, like a wife obedient to her husband, gave an ambiguous smile with an embarrassed smile.   

Roran suggested to Charl’s father the proposal that she work in his workshop.  

However, the elf’s father’s reply was ridiculous.   

“No!  I refuse to let my daughter work in an alchemists workshop!”  

Charl’s father, Isua, was a typical stubborn father.    

He also had the youthful appearance of an elf, but you can never cheat the atmosphere that comes with age.  


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