Other World’s Monster Breeder – Chapter 29

Translators: Rumanshi, Light
TLC: Light, Fairy, Nymphriel
Rumanshi: I had a bit of fun with the shopkeepers accent, lol.

Let’s try searching for a suitable weapon

The store that Sheryl managed, while it’s exterior was worn out, the interior was unexpectedly orderly.

Sword, Spear, Axe, Bow, and to top it all off, nunchacks–
As one would expect of a specialist shop when it comes to variety of weapons, the general stores just can’t be compared with this.
Now then.
What on earth should I choose?

“Having so many choices is unexpectedly making it harder to decide…”

“Etto… Izzz it pozzibl that adventurer-san isn’t uzed to manny weaponz? Forz a beginner-zan I recommend zis area here.”

She took mind to me who was gazing around at the articles restlessly.
Sheryl pointed to an area of the store with relatively reasonable weapons.

“Eーtto. To tell you the truth, I’ve never used a weapon at all……”

“? Howz exactly iz thiz?

Rather than explaining by mouth it’d probably be better to show it.
I summoned a goblin knight from the capsule ball.

“I want you tell me a weapon suitable for him.”

Sheryl looks at the goblin knight with a difficult face and scratches her cheek.

“U~mu. I see, adventurer-san waz a user of monsters, izn’t he? However, thiz is troubling. Onezelf hazn’t the experience in choosing weaponz for a monster.”

“….. Is that the case? Hasn’t any monster trainer visited besides me?”

“Noo’z. The perzonz who come to buy weaponz for monsters are rarely seenz. In the first place, the weaponz that a demon can use are severely limited.”

“Is that so?”

Indeed, in the past when I tried, only the goblin knights could be equipped with weapons.

I have come across goblins being used as a labour force before at Saint bell, but the evolution ‘Goblin Elite’s cannot be found anywhere at all.

It may be that it is too difficult to enslave a strong demons like Goblin Knights that can handle weapons unless it’s through the demon combination skill.

“For now, I want to try out all categories from start to end. So can you arrange the cheap weapons over here?”
“Roger! Since that’s the case I’ll be bringing various things okay!”

Five minutes later.

Bronze Sword / Grade: F / Cost: 6000 Kol
(Copper Sword preferred by the novice adventurer)

Bronze Lance / Grade: F / Cost: 6000 Kol
(Copper Spear preferred by the novice adventurer)

Bronze mace / Grade: F / Cost: 5000 Kol
(Copper Battle-cane preferred by the novice adventurer.)
(Nymph: Cane is a kind of staff/stick)

Round Shield / Grade: F / Cost: 3000 Kol
(Wooden shield, it’s light and easy to use.)

Sheryl chose suitable weapons from the shop and displayed them before me.
It seems that the bronze Grade F weapons are the ones which can be bought cheaply.

I let the goblen knight try and equip the various equipments as a trial.

右手にブロンズソード、左手にラウンドシールドを手にしたゴブリンナイトは、『ナイト』という名前に相応しい風貌になっていた。 The goblin knight who had a bronze sword in his right hand and a round shield in his left has looks appropriate for the name 『Knight』.

Its presence is completely different with the equipment! (Light: He’s intimidating desu)
If all the members of the goblin knights are fully equipped, there is no mistaking that a strongest knight corps will be formed.
“By the way I do weapon maintenance free of charge! If the sword’s blade ever turns dull, please bring it back to my shop. I’ll service it for you!”

I feel that the prices are reasonable anyways, and it doesn’t matter much to me even if I choose this shop.
The me who made that decision/judgment, bought a single various weapons from the bronze series and three round shields.
Let’s start with looking for good equipment together with Goblin Knight.
I am looking forward to tomorrow’s expedition.

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