Other World’s Monster Breeder – Chapter 1

Translator (mtl, mostly): Rumanshi
Editor:  Pandaant
Help:  Raising The Dead
Translation with Raw:  Here

Chapter 1:  Harem Legion Organization!  (ハーレム軍団結成!) 

Where is this place?
When I open my eyes, an unrealistic scene can be seen.

What I’m standing on is…. The top of a cloud?

Looking at it, it’s a white fluffy body that surrounds my bare feet.

The soft, chilly touch of the cloud makes me realize that this world isn’t a dream.

Just some time ago, I was enjoying anime and amusing myself– .

Why am I in such a place?

“Welcome.  To Heaven.”  

The voice of a dignified woman is heard with the feeling of the divine kind.

Turning towards the voice, there was a beautiful young girl with blonde hair and blue eyes you could mistake for goddess-sama from the world’s myths.  

I wonder if it’s some anime character cosplay?

The girl was clad in fluttery clothing separated from the transient world.

“Excuse me.  Where is this?  Or perhaps I should say, who are you?”

“E~tto…  Hey, hey, weren’t you listening to me?  As I said before, this is Heaven.   You have been carefully selected by your examination results to go to a different world!”

Sticking out her large chest, the girl continues.  

“And now…..About your other question, I am pleased that you asked about that.   My name is Aphrodite, the Goddess of Beauty!   The navigating existence that will send you off to another world!”

“……How serious are you?”

Wait, I don’t quite understand what is being said.

Goddess?  Different world?
What is this girl saying?  

“……Well.  It’s an understandable reaction.  A piece of junk like you would be confused, dying a dog’s death and then being sent to a different world!   Understanding this type of thing is faster by experiencing it instead of trying to explain.  Try to pray for the status screen to open in your mind!”


While not satisfied in my mind, I decide to obey Aphrodite.  

At which point…

(Kazehaya Souta)

Occupation:  Monster Tamer

Level 1

Vitality: 10

Physical Strength: 5

Magic Power: 10

Spiritual Power: 55

Divine Protection

Absolute Domination


Capsule ball

Suddenly, the words appeared clearly in my consciousness.  

Reading the sentences carefully, it looks like a status screen from a game world.  

“What?  This is…….”

In my mind, the status screen that appeared fits perfectly with no signs of disappearing.  

It is a strange feeling that cannot be experienced in the real world.  

At first I thought it to be suspicious, a self-proclaimed goddess saying ‘Different world’ but I can feel a tinge of credibility.  

“Fufufu.  Monster Tamer?  It’s an occupation that it’s doubtful it could even knock down a slime on it’s own.   My condolences.”  

“…… Come again?”  

“Here’s a good thing.  I will you teach specially!   The different world that you are being sent to, <Adelheid>, when you are born there is a job change to suit your aptitude!    By the way, your profession of Monster Tamer is baggage weight – no use at all!  It’s a useless profession that suits someone who was an anime-watching NEET back on earth.”



This woman, Aphrodite or something, it is without doubt that if she closed her mouth she would be a peerless beauty but her various behaviours are a shame.  

And I am not a NEET.
While it’s true I play games every day, It can be seen that I am still a student actively attending high school.  

Let’s reorganise the current situation.  

Coming here, the feeling of reality has finally emerged.

Apparently, the place where I am standing is really “Heaven”.    Aphrodite seems to be here with the intention of coming to send me to a different world.

I have no idea how it became like this, this realistic unfavourable development.  It seems as though the possibility of a shocking encounter is low.  

By the way, it’s written in my status screen, what is this ‘Capsule Ball’?

Capsule Ball – Grade G – Active

(By throwing and hitting the <Basic Species> of a monster, there is a chance of the enslavement skill occurring.  Once the enslavement has been activated, the monster can no longer cause harm to the master.  

Acquisition conditions

  • Monster Tamer Level 1 or more

The moment after I thought about it.
A new sentence emerged on the status screen.  

It seems that questioning is a trigger for the status screen to show the effects of skill.  

When I pray for <Capsule Ball> in my mind , a translucent sphere the size of a baseball is created.  

The design reminds me of the nostalgic gachapon capsules from my childhood.

“Capsule Ball is one of the basic skills of a Monster Tamer.    When hit by a thrown ball, there’s a chance for a monster to be enslaved.”

“Hmmm.  I wonder……”

Knowing so, I want to do various experiments.

She brought me to a place i don’t understand where it is, and abused me.

I decide to throw the capsule ball at Aphrodite to serve as my revenge.  

“……. Yes?” (tl:  …….  Hai?) 

Aphrodite lets out a small cry as I throw a capsule ball.

Although I threw it quite slowly, the capsule ball superbly hit Aphrodite’s body.

“Owch-!”  Wait just a minute…  What did you do!?   However you put it, as I’m not a monster, there is no meaning in throwing the capsule ball which can only capture monsters at me…….”

Immediately following that, something strange happened.  

“Kyaaaaaaaaaaa!?   No, no!  Wait!   It’s a lie!?  Why!?”

The capsule ball that I threw suddenly emits a dazzling light and Aphrodite is sucked in.

efore she knows it, Aphrodite’s body enters the small capsule ball.  

“Kora-!  Let me out!  This is blasphemy against God!”  (tl;  kora – oi, hey!)  

Aphrodite randomly pulls out a pillow and begins to knock on the wall of the used capsule with a ‘don don’ sound.  

By the way, Aphrodite who is inside the ball has shrunk down to eraser size.  

“…… I’d really love to, however

I don’t know the method to get you out.

“UUUuuu.   Please!    I’m begging you, take me out this instant!……”   

Aphrodite has teary-eyes.  

Speaking honestly, I can’t make heads or tails of the situation.  (tl; not a literal translation.)  

When I thought I was suddenly called to Heaven, I was told to go to a different world and was suddenly made into a monster tamer.


With everything said and done, I can say this catchphrase.

Kami-sama!   Get!  

  • Enslaved Monster Data


Encylopedia NO: ???
Race:  God
Grade: ???
Level: 3620
Vitality: 29778
Physical Strength:  19822
Magic Power 68810
Spiritual Power: 38240


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  1. Advocate

    Hmm normally not funny as the scene will be dangerous as it progresses. And even then to find limits in a world for a small job.
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    Kazehaya Souta of earth is aiming to be the best monster taimer

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