Hey guys!

This post is just to ask for a bit of feedback.

Is it clear that there are multiple translators on this site, or is it being ‘Rumanshi’s Lair’ too confusing?

Is it clear that ‘The Harem Was A Forced Goal’ is an original English novel that I write?

Is there anything you’d like to see improvements in?

After that, just say what you guys want.  I’ll see what I can do.  Cheers,



21 thoughts on “Feedback

    1. Tokanya

      okay, seriously answer. I don’t see any problem for the time being. But I didn’t know before that there is more than one translater (I haven’t read anything here as of late)


  1. readsalot

    Thank you for translating. I knew that you had help but I thought you were the main translator. Also, It is extremely difficult to write a story, so good work and keep at it.
    I read and like all the stories on your site, and am dissapointed Cheat got dropped. It’s to bad.
    thank you


  2. kouk2002

    Hmmm unless people don’t read anything except the chapters themselves they should be aware that most the releases are done by the other translators 🙂 Well there is only one Rumanshi and he can’t be everywhere at once.
    As for anything else, so long as there is previous chapter, and next chapter, I’m not really bothered. It’s when reading multiple chapters at once that these show their true value, so people who read everything as its released won’t find it particularly useful.

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    1. kouk2002

      Just double checked, but at a quick look only the release post mentions who translated it, the chapter page itself is free of any additional info. If you want or feel the need you could add who translated edited etc before or after the chapter. Since it’s done at raising dead you won’t be unfamiliar with it. I think at the end of the chapter might be better if you plan on keeping the chapter pages free of additional info as much as possible, keeping the bulk of the additional info to the release post. This way anyone reading multiple chapters of a series at once will at least know who was responsible for the chapter before moving on the next one.


  3. Dark Jackel

    I will say, the only reason I knew THWAFG was written by you, is that someone else mentioned it on a different site. Before that, I would have believed it implicitly if you had told me you were translating it from a Japanese source.


  4. sfcipher

    I am well aware that there is multiple translators and editors working with you on your site, and also aware you wrote the THWAFG as I followed your site for quite a while. Although I am little disappointed that you dropped the Isekai Cheat. Anyway, keep up the good work.


  5. luislock

    I mean, everything seems good so far. It’d be nice to get THWAFG and shinka no mi to be released more frequently but I have to understand that writing an original story can be difficult and readers like us always want faster releases. Shink no mi seems a little off cause I used to expect it every Sunday and now a week or two can go by. But you are doing good with everything. I think like someone above said, maybe adding translator and editor names on the chapters themselves would help some people.


      1. luislock

        Lol, I always saw your name on shink no mi, I just didn’t see that it editor! Haha my bad. Then you’re doing good………..but seriously, TWAFG. Need more of it 🙂 cause I love your story.


  6. Tsundere King

    the mc looks like a side character i guess…. ah don’t get me wrong it’s not that i hate this novel… the jokes are funny and the story is interesting.. but the mc just lack the distinctive feature of a protagonist… maybe because it’s just starting….but other than that nothing else at the moment… oh i’m a little annoyed by that sister of his (not talking about the little one here)… anyway if i’m to rate this 8/10 i guess


  7. lohithbb

    I was about to say that an about page would help a lot (you can use the answers to any questions here to make a FAQ as well). Definitely would make things clearer – as to what novels are being worked on by who, status of TL, etc.


  8. kamisuzaku

    I knew there’s several translators, but didn’t knew about THWFG being an original novel. Keep the good work then ^^



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