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The answer?

Here is a thought – if you could have the answer to any question, what question would you choose?
Anyway, let’s ignore the question right now. And instead, let’s talk about what the answer is.
A dictionary definition of what an answer is would be “a thing that is said, written, or done as a reaction to a question, statement, or situation.” Another one would be “a solution to a problem or dilemma.”

So, the answer is either simply a response or a solution. So, let’s talk about that for a second.
If an answer is either a response or a solution, it is possible that it can be wrong. It doesn’t necessarily guarantee fact. So, the answer can be anything. Now, think back to the question I posed at the beginning.
“If you could have the answer to any question, what question would you choose?”
Do you remember the question you chose? Good. If you got your answer, would you trust it? I don’t think I would. There are just too many variables at play – is there more than one answer, is the answer I got simply a response or is it a solution, who chose this answer?
So, it is with this mindset, that I find myself in a dilemma – I have a question I want the answer to, but to find out, I must ask someone I do not want to pose the question to. So, instead of embarrassing myself I have chosen to ask other people than the one person who has the answer to my question – and in this case, they have the solution, the final part of the equation I am trying to calculate.
I want an answer, but the fact that I am not asking the person with the solution, suggests to me that I do not want it. I would rather stay in limbo, bemused about the question, than escape limbo and perhaps find the solution is not the thing I want it to be.
Now, thinking about this logically, this type of behavior is not healthy. Avoiding something simply because you might not like the result is probably going to end badly. Or I’ll end up regretting it. However, this is not a post about avoiding that. This is a post thinking about the entire thing.
So, what does this have to do with ‘Health and Fitness’. Well, this is probably about my wellbeing. By writing about it, I feel it’s a form of meditation – while it may not be exactly the same, it does let me get some of the words in my head down on paper. (Well, something similar to it, anyway).
If you have any thoughts about this, I would be interested in seeing what you have to say. Please, leave a comment and tell me whether you try and actively avoid seeking answers, or if you are savvy enough to know how to deal with the chance of failure if you don’t.

Thanks for reading.
uestion would you choose?