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Self Improvement – The Journey Taken

14 days ago, I decided “I need to be better”. It’s not the first time I’ve thought it and I highly doubt it will be the last. However, I believe that every time we have this thought, we should give it voice. Not literally, though for some, that may help.
No, when I say give the thought ‘voice’, what I mean is, act upon the thought. For me, I decided to get back into using ‘Habitica’ a gamified task management web app. Now, I started by giving myself impossible goals – the idealized version of myself. And I found myself with a problem.

While I had given the thought ‘voice’, I had set myself up for failure. And I believe this is where most people have gone wrong. Instead of setting simple goals that they can achieve, they set unrealistic goals in order to justify it when they decide to stop trying. At least, that is the problem I found myself having.
And so, after having my ‘character’ die in Habitica a few times, I decided to alter the baseline. Instead of the biggest changes that I could do to improve myself, I’d find the small habits I needed to develop first. And then once I had established those, add a new habit that wouldn’t increase the difficulty too much.

So, this post was written two weeks (14 days) from having that realization. Has the process been successful?
While I can’t say that any habit has been ‘established’ yet, I can say I have been meeting a major goal I think which is beneficial for my life. Every day, I walk 20,000 steps. I have not missed a day yet. Whether it be during work, at the gym on a treadmill, running on the spot at home, I make sure by the end of the day, I always have 20,000 steps taken. No compromises.

The reason I chose this habit is to keep myself active, even on the weekends, as I would do around 10,000 steps on a weekday, but less than 1000 on the weekend. Sometimes it would look like I hadn’t even moved.
And what has this habit done for me?

Well, for one, I am finding it easier to smile. I am finding it easier to run longer distances. I am finding conversing with people easier. I am wanting to improve myself more.
All from a habit that isn’t difficult for me to achieve. Having started doing this habit, I started thinking ‘what else could I do that would make me feel better?’ So now I listen to non-fiction audiobooks, and I try cooking new things.

I even decided to write a blog post for the first time in forever. So, the answer to the question ‘How do I get better than I am’? I believe the answer is simple.

For you to improve yourself, you first must actually want to change.
There is no secret to self-improvement – It is simple a matter of starting.


A mission of Minimization: Week 1; Day 1

Today, I start myself on a new era.   Gone are the days of excessive spending and self indulgence.  It is time to become a money saving scrooge.

So, the mission?  Minimize all expenditure and Maximize earnings.   I have splurged too long because I could.  I’m reducing the shit tonne of alcohol I consume (See that guys, improving!)  I’m budgeting and I am looking into all the things I have postponed.  I have been browsing investing, financial independence and AusFinance on reddit for too long, and it is time for me to put my money where my mouth is – Planning for the future, not indulging in the present.

Today, I have looked through what I have been spending monthly on things I barely use.

  • Splice Subscription ($7.99 a month)  — Removed
  • Crunchyroll Premium Subscription ($6.95 a month)   — Removed
  • Netflix ($17.99 a month) — I can’t remove this, as all my family uses it.  I will discuss with them before removing this one.
  • Amazon Prime Video ($6.95) — Not removed yet.
  • Stipe ($32 a month, split in half with my mate) —  Kept?  We do enjoy keeping the server up and we are unable to host it ourself with our internet *shrugs*   I will discuss it with him.

Okay, so let’s look at this with some maths…

$7.99 + $6.95 + $17.99 + $6.95 + $16 = $55.88 .

$55.88 * 12 = $670

For these five entertainment subscriptions (Music samples, streaming sites + A MC server), I will be spending $670 a year…  I dread to look at what I have spent on fast food, Cinema experiences and games in general if this is how I have been spending unconsciously.   Now, I don’t think it is necessary to cut everything out, but it is important to cut out a lot.    Now, reasonings for the ones which haven’t been discussed.

Splice – There is no need for me to have Music Samples.  If I want to make music, I’ll have to do it with what I have myself, not what others can give me.   I let the credits build up to almost 2,000 last time.  Let’s not do that again and just get rid of it.

Crunchyroll – The benefits I get from the premium subscription do not outweight the costs.   I just gotta learn to be patient and there won’t be a problem here.

Prime Video –  I was debating, but it’s gotta go.

Which will leave me with my two most expensive subscriptions…  Hopefully I can get rid of them too, as if I don’t, they will still be costing me $408 a year.   Hey, at least I’m saving $260 from getting rid of the other subscriptions, but still…

Well, this is the beginning of my journey into Min|Maxing my finances 😛  I hope you’ll join me on the way!