The Harem was a Forced Goal – Ending Explained

Hi there, I’m Rumanshi.   When I first started writing The Harem was a Forced Goal, I was trying to write a novel with a fresh perspective on tropes.   I still wanted to use them, but make them into a comedic use.   Unfortunately, eventually I ran out of steam in writing this novel and slowly wasted away.  However, I still want to tell you how I had imagined the ending of the novel.   Maybe one day I will re-write the novel with a new perspective.  Here are some of the notes before I tell you what the ending was going to be:

  • Lun Fei’s multiple reincarnations was a terrible idea.  I wasn’t sure how to write it, I wasn’t mature enough to write an ‘old’ character and had to continuously retcon why he thought like such an immature person.  If I had made him more mature though, I feel like some of the comedy would have been lost and it might have made him too overpowered, such as in novels where old characters just ‘smart’ their way out of any situation.  
  • The goddess interfering was a good idea, I feel, but at some point it became ‘If the goddess is always watching, is Fei actually achieving anything?’  That’s why I wrote the goddess as being forced down to the world, and gave her a name.   I also found an issue with a nameless power being in love with the protagonist.  I regret not giving her a name.  
  • Lumi was a mistake.  
  • “Onee-sama” was a mistake as well. 
  • Yuuki was meant to be a male trap, but then I changed that to a reverse trap.   Honestly, these days I would probably ensure that Fei’s harem consisted of both genders. 
  • Not letting humans use magic was stupid.  
  • The world scale was too big.   I should have had it start in a city, build up to regions.   Everything was hard to scale because “BIGGER is BETTER” 
  • I didn’t record anything down, so I had to keep re-reading my writing to remember stuff which is why sometimes names would be wrong.   I regret this immensely, as “Oh, I could have written X,Y,Z better”.  It’s the worst feeling.  

Now there’s probably more, but those are just some of the reasons that everytime I try and bring THWAFG out of hiatus, I just can’t manage it.  My relationship with the characters, the memories and just the writing is so poor I can’t manage it.  So, here was where I was trying to bring the ending.  

Fei would eventually win out over his disease by utilising the Martial Practices and his relationship with the fairy.    The exhaustion would be spread thin amongst his harem to the point where no-one would notice.  Zynthia, onee-sama, Lumi, Yuuki; were the original partners which I had deemed ‘Definites’.   I had planned out other candidates, such as the goddess and the angels, but I focused too much on the original four.  

After Luci got introduced, it was meant to go into ‘Fight the Heavens’ route, where Fei finally got sick of the reincarnation cycle he found himself in (Which the goddess was trying to deify him).   It was meant to have Luci and Fei force the gods to die, leaving the world open to free will in the truest sense of things.   After they succeed in this, this universe would die.    Which would then lead the way for ‘I have unlimited Wive Slots’ – intended to be a spiritual sequel.   The dimensional chasms were remnants of godlike powers from this universe.   

The harem and Fei would live for as long as they like in a pocket universe, until they eventually got bored with existing and put themselves into the reincarnation system, different from Fei’s original reincarnation cycle, as it only lets there essence live on – their memories would be forgotten and they would be ‘new’ people.   

But, I never got up to it, so with that I am sorry 😦 
THWAFG is over, but not forgotten.  
I might start a new novel, but I am unable to continue with this one. 😦


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