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Year Roadmap – (365 Improvement) { 1 }

  • Every day, spend at least 15 minutes drawing. For this, I will be continually drawing the same character (Koneko Touji – Highschool DXD) in order to see improvements. At the end of the 365 days, I expect to have an ability to draw at least one anime character. I might spend more time learning more, but this is the bare minimum. Currently, the drawing ability isn’t great as seen in these drawings:
  •           {Left: First drawing of day 1} {Right: Second Drawing of day 1}
  • Every day, do at least 2 C# learning courses on Microsoft Docs. Knowing a programming language could be useful, and as I want to play around with the unity engine c# is the language to learn. Maybe one day I will learn other things.
  • Every day, spend at least 20 minutes studying mathematics. Knowing math is important for programming and maybe this will help my head.
  • Play less videogames, read more books. Fairly indicative.

I am beginning on a new journey. One where the end product is a member of society who is no longer stuck in a slump, never understanding the problem is not others but himself. Thus, to fix this problem, one must first fix themselves.

So, the roadmap to improvement:

This is { 1 } as it might change in the future. As the year continues, I might find there are better things to do, more things to know or things I have gotten wrong. Perhaps it will be good, perhaps it will be bad. But the key thing here is, we must strive forward, not backwards on this road that we call life.


Coloured Magic – Prologue

Next chapter: Saturday, 4th September

Leave nothing to chance, for it is the enemy.   

Have you ever felt as though the world is grey, lacking in colour?  As though the people around you are simply drones in a never-ending cycle?  In this modern age, I experience this consistently.   I find that the world is void and empty, lacking anything interesting.   

I don’t know how long I have felt like this, but since it started, everything that once was of interest to me is hard to enjoy.  It’s not as though I can’t find things amusing or laugh, but the once never-ending urge to continue watching is gone.  It is as though the person I am now, is not the person I once was.   

And yet, I still continue on trying.   For the world shouldn’t be so bleak.   The world is full of fascinating things that could entertain others, but for me, the thought that plagues me is ‘so what?’  If it weren’t so, surely I would be in a better place right now.  Instead, I sit here, staring at a wall.  Whose wall is it, though?   Is it the physical wall of the building?   A metaphorical wall?   The walls I put up to push people away?   Or is it something more?  

I do not wish for the world to be grey.   No, in my eyes, the world should be full of colour.   The places we go, the people we see, the things we do – all of them should be bright and wonderful.   Yet, if that’s the case, why is it all I can see is a lack of it.   The people in front of me, dull.   The places I go, arid.   The things I do, monotonous.   

I wonder if there is a way to change this.  Is there a way to change this empty void inside of me?   Is there a god who can help me?   Or am I to continue on like this, devoid of any real emotion?   It’s not a fun way to exist, at all.  

But anyway, that’s how I feel.   It’s probably not how you feel, but can you understand?   That my actions, repetitive as they are, are a way to deal with this reality.  


While lost in my thoughts, the doorbell rang.  

“Just one sec.”  

I don’t really have many people who will visit, so it’s probably nothing important.   I get up to open the door, and when it finally creaks open… 

“Hi there!  Could I interest you in-” 

A young, black haired man in a suit started to perform his spiel.  Before he could get any further, I put my hand up and interrupted him immediately.  

“Let me stop you right there.   I am unable to buy anything, as I am unable to afford it.  I will not donate to charity, as I am pretty much apathetic.  And I will not convert to a religion, as I care not if I go to heaven or hell.”   

The man, looking startled, just walked away, muttering under his breath.   

I closed the door, and headed back to the couch, preparing to stare at the white wall once more.  But as I approached the couch, a woman in a white dress began to appear.   

“So, the world is dull, is it?”  


“What, don’t want to speak your edginess out loud?   Is it embarrassing?”  


The woman laughs, throwing her head back.   Then continues,

“Well, don’t let that bother you.  I don’t really care.  What I’m here for is, do you believe in magic?”  

Given I just saw her phase into existence, I’m going to go with probably.   Unless there’s some super futuristic technology I haven’t heard about.   

So, my name is Ars.  

And this is the story of how I learned magic to colour the world.   

An Adventure In Alcoholism – Giving up [Day 1]

It’s been pretty bad recently. My heads been all over the place, and I lost control of my drinking. It hasn’t been good. I’d blame covid, but it’s not really the problem. I thought I had it fairly under control, but recent events have led me to believe that it’s way worse than what I believed.

So, this is time for me to stop drinking again.

[Week 1, Day 1]

So, today I woke up with a hangover. It was unfortunate. So, for a minimum of a month, no drinking. Maybe permanently. I’ll be writing how I feel, the effects of what’s going on in my head.

I’m going to assume that it will only be weeks that effects will show up.


The Quintessential Quintuplets – Season 2, Episode 2 Thoughts

Alright, let’s go for episode 2! You should know the drill by now:

  1. This is a stream of thought post (It’s not formatted well and it is basically me thinking while watching the episode.
  2. There’s spoilers (Who woulda thunk?)
  3. I do this for my own entertainment, and maybe a bit for yours.
  4. January Ad Revenue is terrible, as always.

So they are still doing terribly!

Itsuki, right? Oh no!! Uesagi is dead. No, he’s just sleeping. Too much studying haha. They started studying without him?

What the hell has he prepared. If I was given that I would cry. Don’t run away Itsuki! Oh yeah, I forgot Uesagi is a tsundere protagonist haha.

Who will we see next?

Oh yeah, I enjoy this opening song. La la la la la. La la la.

The Quintessential Quintuplets. Woo.

Miku and Nino in a fight, huh. But no TV due to study haha.

Ichika… Big sister type haha.

Oh my god that was adorable, Ichika. Anyway, some more studying.

Nino, you’re a fool haha.

Oh no Yotsuba, that plan is not going to work. Uesagi is bad with people! How did you forget that.

No, Miku, you’re wrong. He is super creepy.

Itsuki, Uesagi doesn’t have a soul. I think? 1/5th wits. Perfect insult.

I mean, that’s going to hurt him. Tutor for hire. Angry Nino. Uh oh.

Itsuki slapped Nino :O That was unexpected. The slap back was, though.

I don’t think this is picking a side.


No Nino! Don’t Move Out! I mean sibling fights are normal. But seriously.

Uesagi there’s not much you can do.

Miku and Uesagi are kinda on a date like this, huh? Ahahaha! I forgot my keys strategy works again.

Angry Nino again. I wonder if she works out that Uesagi is Kintaro soon. She better.

Nah, Itsuki wouldn’t be at a luxury hotel. I’m betting Itsuki is there.. At his house.

Yeah, there we go. Predicted completely.

Akward Uesagi, Akward.

Ahaha, she’s staying over. And the sister made them sleep together. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

And now Itsuki and Uesagi are on a date? I guess. Of course he lacks class. He’s Uesagi.

Nino has to apologise before she goes home.

Wait OMG. The father is a stepdad?! Now that I didn’t expect.

“I’ll accept It’s just part of my job as a tutor”


Uh oh, stick snapped. You… You are walking to school together…

No, Itsuki just wants to stay with you Uesagi. >.>

Oh no Yotsuba. >.< You better not fail.

Ah, Nino, there is something bothering you but what is it. :O

Oh no Uesagi is considering suicide. 😦 😦 😦

Uesagi is sad. 😦 I don’t want to see him sad.

Wait… It wasn’t. What. What just happened. Was he hallucinating? What the hell. I don’t get it. I’m so confused. Was the girl he knew not any of the quintuplets? Or did one of them remember who he was and pretend….

I want answers, god damn it! Answers!

Anyway, there’s the stream of thoughts for the day.
I’ll be back next week for more wtf is going on in my head.


The Quintessential Quintuplets – Season 2, Episode 1 thoughts

Note: The style here is stream of thought. So it won’t look or read very well, probably. Maybe I will do a more proper review later. Also, Spoilers! Duh!

Hi guys!
Hope you are all doing well. It’s 2AM and I’m not sleeping before work so I thought I may discuss the anime I’m watching.

Alright, first off – We open to protagonist talking with a sister.

Oh, hello other girls. Good to see you. He had a Flu? Why would you think it was going to kill him? I guess it’s understandable.

Ichika! That’s mean… Good to know she didn’t quit school (yet)? Oh, so that’s why you’re staying… Probably not the best reason but whatever.

Miku, that’s adorable. Oh, and Ichika joins in. Ahahaha! Oh, they left. I mean people giving you affection tends to make you feel better.

Vaccinations. Hmmm, interesting topic. DON’T SHOUT IN THE HOSPITAL.

Wait, was the doctor the father?!?!

I see, a memory. I wonder… Hallucination! Itsuki is here.

Why… Why do you study?

Angry face Itsuki is amusing. Sanada-kun is what the protagonist is like now… Interesting. I guess he felt guilty or something?

Is that their mother? No, just a plot point to introduce the young quint…

The hair colour got me, I think.

Itsuki wants to change?

So is Itsuki the young one that he met?

I see he finally realised something ahaha. No, man, no way is it a coincidence.



That’s hilarious process.

And a lucky pervert event…

Yeah so I assumed it was Yotsuba too.

CALL ME A PERVERT (Holy shit!)

God dammit. -_-

There is definitely no sixth sister 0_0

Obviously had to be Ichika. Aha he worked it out.

And Busted! Wait so it was Ichika in the past? Ahaha, review time.

Oof, he made a mistake about Miku..

He’ll work it out, eventually. Probably. I have faith in this baka protagonist.

Alright, many apologies for the stream of thought, but this has been fun!
Cheers, Rumanshi!

An Unfortunate Update

Greetings to you all! I hope you have all been having a fairly decent life, even given the circumstances regarding the pandemic. Some of you are probably doing better than others and I am hopeful that you all are coping well.

Yet, this post is not really to do with the pandemic. No, this post is about me and my life.

A few years back, I got into a relationship. It wasn’t planned or expected. It just happened. I think it cut back on my writing and why I never really spent more time on ‘The Harem was a Forced Goal’, or any of my other projects. I spent all my time and effort on her. I still tried, of course, but my writing was an escape, I think.

But, that has ended. I no longer am in a relationship. I have begun to write a book about that story, and I hope I can actually manage to get it published. But, that’s not what this is about.

The update is this:

– Starting from the 28th September, 2020, The Harem was a Forced Goal is officially off hiatus. That is correct. From that date on, there will be new chapters for my original novel which the last chapter was posted in 2018.

I hope that alongside this, and completing my book, I will change the circumstances which I find myself in.

Thank you for your time and sorry that it’s taken this long to get back into it!


So, what should we do from here on out, huh?

Hi there,
Back in 2015 I began this blog as a place to share my original web novel. Throughout the years, the content which gets posted has changed, people who have been around have differed and we just generally get screwed over by my lack of consistency.

I’m currently working part time, a full time university student and attempting to write my other original novel (I Have Unlimited Wive Slots) and release that on a consistent once a week basis. But, “The Harem was a Forced Goal” has been on indefinite hiatus in this time. And it hasn’t been finished. So, what do I do about that?

Other World’s Monster Breeder has been done by someone else, so I don’t really care about that anymore. It was too much effort, too much time out of my week. Writing also takes time, but it is more enjoyable for me.

I want to keep the blog full of content, with a minimum of one post a week, even if it’s not a novel, perhaps just my ramblings. If I did that, and you’d be happy for that to happen, it’d be great if you could comment and talk.

But, beyond that, what do you think I should do? Let’s talk about it.


One thousand.

One, a reason to betray.
Two, a reason to belay.
Three, a reason to delay.
Four, a reason to just pray.

Five, a person walking slow.
Six, a person with skin aglow.
Seven, rocking to and fro.
Eight, a demon from down below.

Nine, a struggle to go on.
Ten, I can think of none.
Eleven, I’ve given up.
One thousand, Yeah, that’s enough.

Staying motivated for anything is hard. Whether it be writing, learning or simply enjoying a game, the ability to focus on one thing and one thing alone is difficult. When did this become the norm? Why is it I can’t spend more than a few days trying to fix the problems I have?

I need money, I need food. I need time. I need to take care of myself. There are things I need to do yet don’t do them. It is as though I torture myself accidentally? If I were good, I’d post daily. Yet, I can’t seem to bring myself to write every day. I can’t bring myself to change.

The poem above is a representation of the desire to do something, then skipping over lazily until the end. We can’t do that in real life. If we want to get to the result, we have to take the journey. If we don’t take the journey, we’ll never end up at the end. We’ll always stay at the beginning.

It’s time for this to stop. I must take the journey, or else I’ll never reach the end.


The Problem of ‘So Many Things’

Hi guys,

So recently I’ve been thinking (A dangerous past time, I know), but I’ve come to a conclusion that I lack a vital skill for education and work. That is, the skill of self-discipline. I am privileged to own many things, have access to internet (even if it is Australia’s ADSL2…), but it is possible that having access to these things is one of the problems causing me to lack the ability to control myself to an extent.

That is, due to having so many things to do, I don’t need to do a certain thing to entertain my brain. I can simply go, ‘huh, I’m no longer interested in this. Why don’t I do that instead. And therein lies the problem. With the ability to avoid something, without the skill of self-discipline, you will avoid it. There’s a mechanism working in the brain that does this, I am fairly sure but this isn’t an essay that requires references (though I may write something along those lines in the future).

So I am going to have to think long and hard about how to train myself to have this skill. I hope you appreciate this post.