Year Roadmap – (365 Improvement) { 1 }

  • Every day, spend at least 15 minutes drawing. For this, I will be continually drawing the same character (Koneko Touji – Highschool DXD) in order to see improvements. At the end of the 365 days, I expect to have an ability to draw at least one anime character. I might spend more time learning more, but this is the bare minimum. Currently, the drawing ability isn’t great as seen in these drawings:
  •           {Left: First drawing of day 1} {Right: Second Drawing of day 1}
  • Every day, do at least 2 C# learning courses on Microsoft Docs. Knowing a programming language could be useful, and as I want to play around with the unity engine c# is the language to learn. Maybe one day I will learn other things.
  • Every day, spend at least 20 minutes studying mathematics. Knowing math is important for programming and maybe this will help my head.
  • Play less videogames, read more books. Fairly indicative.

I am beginning on a new journey. One where the end product is a member of society who is no longer stuck in a slump, never understanding the problem is not others but himself. Thus, to fix this problem, one must first fix themselves.

So, the roadmap to improvement:

This is { 1 } as it might change in the future. As the year continues, I might find there are better things to do, more things to know or things I have gotten wrong. Perhaps it will be good, perhaps it will be bad. But the key thing here is, we must strive forward, not backwards on this road that we call life.



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