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An Unfortunate Update

Greetings to you all! I hope you have all been having a fairly decent life, even given the circumstances regarding the pandemic. Some of you are probably doing better than others and I am hopeful that you all are coping well.

Yet, this post is not really to do with the pandemic. No, this post is about me and my life.

A few years back, I got into a relationship. It wasn’t planned or expected. It just happened. I think it cut back on my writing and why I never really spent more time on ‘The Harem was a Forced Goal’, or any of my other projects. I spent all my time and effort on her. I still tried, of course, but my writing was an escape, I think.

But, that has ended. I no longer am in a relationship. I have begun to write a book about that story, and I hope I can actually manage to get it published. But, that’s not what this is about.

The update is this:

– Starting from the 28th September, 2020, The Harem was a Forced Goal is officially off hiatus. That is correct. From that date on, there will be new chapters for my original novel which the last chapter was posted in 2018.

I hope that alongside this, and completing my book, I will change the circumstances which I find myself in.

Thank you for your time and sorry that it’s taken this long to get back into it!


So, what should we do from here on out, huh?

Hi there,
Back in 2015 I began this blog as a place to share my original web novel. Throughout the years, the content which gets posted has changed, people who have been around have differed and we just generally get screwed over by my lack of consistency.

I’m currently working part time, a full time university student and attempting to write my other original novel (I Have Unlimited Wive Slots) and release that on a consistent once a week basis. But, “The Harem was a Forced Goal” has been on indefinite hiatus in this time. And it hasn’t been finished. So, what do I do about that?

Other World’s Monster Breeder has been done by someone else, so I don’t really care about that anymore. It was too much effort, too much time out of my week. Writing also takes time, but it is more enjoyable for me.

I want to keep the blog full of content, with a minimum of one post a week, even if it’s not a novel, perhaps just my ramblings. If I did that, and you’d be happy for that to happen, it’d be great if you could comment and talk.

But, beyond that, what do you think I should do? Let’s talk about it.


One thousand.

One, a reason to betray.
Two, a reason to belay.
Three, a reason to delay.
Four, a reason to just pray.

Five, a person walking slow.
Six, a person with skin aglow.
Seven, rocking to and fro.
Eight, a demon from down below.

Nine, a struggle to go on.
Ten, I can think of none.
Eleven, I’ve given up.
One thousand, Yeah, that’s enough.

Staying motivated for anything is hard. Whether it be writing, learning or simply enjoying a game, the ability to focus on one thing and one thing alone is difficult. When did this become the norm? Why is it I can’t spend more than a few days trying to fix the problems I have?

I need money, I need food. I need time. I need to take care of myself. There are things I need to do yet don’t do them. It is as though I torture myself accidentally? If I were good, I’d post daily. Yet, I can’t seem to bring myself to write every day. I can’t bring myself to change.

The poem above is a representation of the desire to do something, then skipping over lazily until the end. We can’t do that in real life. If we want to get to the result, we have to take the journey. If we don’t take the journey, we’ll never end up at the end. We’ll always stay at the beginning.

It’s time for this to stop. I must take the journey, or else I’ll never reach the end.


Semi Retired Adventurer lives leisurely – Chapter 1 (2/11)

First Chapter – City of Flowers and Water

“With this, it’s over.”

I thrust my spear into the body of a monster who flew into a rage over its dead comrades.  

A large body taller than three metre falls shakingly to the ground.  

I glance around.   There are around ten odd bear-type monster’s dead bodies lying around. 

I don’t think any of them would be smart enough to pretend to be dead, but I’ll observe for a few seconds to make sure.  As for the first one I killed, vaporization has already begun.  

*Phew*.   I shake the spear once to rid it of blood and gore, then transmit my will to the spear.

Obeying, the spears handle and blade become short.  Before long, it becomes the size of a general knife and I put it in the scabbard on my waist.  


Then, I called out to the people who had taken refuge in the nearby copse. 

The figure of a good old man hidden in the shadow of the tree came out fearfully.  

“Oh, Ah.  No way, a group of wild bears so easily…”

“Well, even though I look like this, I’ve come from the front line.  Please wait while I collect the claws.”

“Ah, I will help”

The dead wild bears are beginning to disappear into a thick fog.  

A magical monsters body dissolves and vanishes into the air when they die.   

However, the part where strong magical power dwells remains as a material.  It depends on the type of monster, but in the case of wild bears it is usually claws.  

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a rare drop so I collect and stuff the nails into the bag.  

“Now then, it’s time to go.  



Please wait while I work on translating the rest of the chapter. But I’m a lazy shit. If someone else wants or is doing it, I will succumb and not do it. Yay.

The Problem of ‘So Many Things’

Hi guys,

So recently I’ve been thinking (A dangerous past time, I know), but I’ve come to a conclusion that I lack a vital skill for education and work. That is, the skill of self-discipline. I am privileged to own many things, have access to internet (even if it is Australia’s ADSL2…), but it is possible that having access to these things is one of the problems causing me to lack the ability to control myself to an extent.

That is, due to having so many things to do, I don’t need to do a certain thing to entertain my brain. I can simply go, ‘huh, I’m no longer interested in this. Why don’t I do that instead. And therein lies the problem. With the ability to avoid something, without the skill of self-discipline, you will avoid it. There’s a mechanism working in the brain that does this, I am fairly sure but this isn’t an essay that requires references (though I may write something along those lines in the future).

So I am going to have to think long and hard about how to train myself to have this skill. I hope you appreciate this post.


Update: I’m Alive, Again.

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while, no?  Yeah, sorry about my disappearance.   It wasn’t on purpose, I swear…  (It totally was, my laziness bites again).  So, why am I back?

IT’S TIME TO BEAT THE BEAST (The beast being my mindset).   I’ve been reading a lot of stuff, listening to a lot of audio-books and just plain old trying to improve.  Am looking at doing some online courses and developing some skills as well.  However, that isn’t too important right now.

This is a guideline for me to follow, for me to provide content to you!    If I miss something, it’s unfortunate, but I’ll attempt to make it up.  I’m studying on how to force through laziness and writers block and just a lack of creativity.   So, hopefully these lapses will stop happening and my editor will be happy with me (Shout to Planes, who keeps me sane).


Monday  - Blog Post
Tuesday - IHUWS + Blog Post
Wednesday - League of Legends  +TV Episode Review 
Thursday - IHUWS + Blog Post 
Friday  - IHUWS   + Blog Post
Saturday - IHUWS + Random Game + Movie Review
Sunday  - League of Legends + Blog Post

As usual, this schedule could change for any number of things.  They include, but are not limited to:

  • I am lazy
  • I have university
  • I have work
  • I have jury duty
  • I haven’t got enough stocked
  • Where is all the good men gone?
  • I am sick
  • I am very sick
  • I am at the doctors
  • I am at hospital
  • I am dead
  • I am dead and have come back as a zombie
  • I have been turned into a vampire
  • I am frozen in time
  • YOU are frozen in time.

Well, I think that’s all of the reasons I can think of.  Or, I could think of more, but why would I?  It’s much more fun to make you think about the reasons I haven’t posted.


Any questions?    Ask away.



A mission of Minimization: Week 1; Day 1

Today, I start myself on a new era.   Gone are the days of excessive spending and self indulgence.  It is time to become a money saving scrooge.

So, the mission?  Minimize all expenditure and Maximize earnings.   I have splurged too long because I could.  I’m reducing the shit tonne of alcohol I consume (See that guys, improving!)  I’m budgeting and I am looking into all the things I have postponed.  I have been browsing investing, financial independence and AusFinance on reddit for too long, and it is time for me to put my money where my mouth is – Planning for the future, not indulging in the present.

Today, I have looked through what I have been spending monthly on things I barely use.

  • Splice Subscription ($7.99 a month)  — Removed
  • Crunchyroll Premium Subscription ($6.95 a month)   — Removed
  • Netflix ($17.99 a month) — I can’t remove this, as all my family uses it.  I will discuss with them before removing this one.
  • Amazon Prime Video ($6.95) — Not removed yet.
  • Stipe ($32 a month, split in half with my mate) —  Kept?  We do enjoy keeping the server up and we are unable to host it ourself with our internet *shrugs*   I will discuss it with him.

Okay, so let’s look at this with some maths…

$7.99 + $6.95 + $17.99 + $6.95 + $16 = $55.88 .

$55.88 * 12 = $670

For these five entertainment subscriptions (Music samples, streaming sites + A MC server), I will be spending $670 a year…  I dread to look at what I have spent on fast food, Cinema experiences and games in general if this is how I have been spending unconsciously.   Now, I don’t think it is necessary to cut everything out, but it is important to cut out a lot.    Now, reasonings for the ones which haven’t been discussed.

Splice – There is no need for me to have Music Samples.  If I want to make music, I’ll have to do it with what I have myself, not what others can give me.   I let the credits build up to almost 2,000 last time.  Let’s not do that again and just get rid of it.

Crunchyroll – The benefits I get from the premium subscription do not outweight the costs.   I just gotta learn to be patient and there won’t be a problem here.

Prime Video –  I was debating, but it’s gotta go.

Which will leave me with my two most expensive subscriptions…  Hopefully I can get rid of them too, as if I don’t, they will still be costing me $408 a year.   Hey, at least I’m saving $260 from getting rid of the other subscriptions, but still…

Well, this is the beginning of my journey into Min|Maxing my finances 😛  I hope you’ll join me on the way!


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^ I am working on changing and improving what I’ve been doing, as well as the Patreon itself.  If you have any advice or requests, please feel free to comment them in the comments section.

Another chapter.   Am I spoiling you, or just giving you what you deserve?  😉

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First, a poem:

Never Fall for the darkness,
Going to attack the people,
To win its own power to,
Give the world a painful life,
You may think I am crazy,
Up there on the charts.

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