The Quintessential Quintuplets – Season 2, Episode 1 thoughts

Note: The style here is stream of thought. So it won’t look or read very well, probably. Maybe I will do a more proper review later. Also, Spoilers! Duh!

Hi guys!
Hope you are all doing well. It’s 2AM and I’m not sleeping before work so I thought I may discuss the anime I’m watching.

Alright, first off – We open to protagonist talking with a sister.

Oh, hello other girls. Good to see you. He had a Flu? Why would you think it was going to kill him? I guess it’s understandable.

Ichika! That’s mean… Good to know she didn’t quit school (yet)? Oh, so that’s why you’re staying… Probably not the best reason but whatever.

Miku, that’s adorable. Oh, and Ichika joins in. Ahahaha! Oh, they left. I mean people giving you affection tends to make you feel better.

Vaccinations. Hmmm, interesting topic. DON’T SHOUT IN THE HOSPITAL.

Wait, was the doctor the father?!?!

I see, a memory. I wonder… Hallucination! Itsuki is here.

Why… Why do you study?

Angry face Itsuki is amusing. Sanada-kun is what the protagonist is like now… Interesting. I guess he felt guilty or something?

Is that their mother? No, just a plot point to introduce the young quint…

The hair colour got me, I think.

Itsuki wants to change?

So is Itsuki the young one that he met?

I see he finally realised something ahaha. No, man, no way is it a coincidence.



That’s hilarious process.

And a lucky pervert event…

Yeah so I assumed it was Yotsuba too.

CALL ME A PERVERT (Holy shit!)

God dammit. -_-

There is definitely no sixth sister 0_0

Obviously had to be Ichika. Aha he worked it out.

And Busted! Wait so it was Ichika in the past? Ahaha, review time.

Oof, he made a mistake about Miku..

He’ll work it out, eventually. Probably. I have faith in this baka protagonist.

Alright, many apologies for the stream of thought, but this has been fun!
Cheers, Rumanshi!


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