The Quintessential Quintuplets – Season 2, Episode 2 Thoughts

Alright, let’s go for episode 2! You should know the drill by now:

  1. This is a stream of thought post (It’s not formatted well and it is basically me thinking while watching the episode.
  2. There’s spoilers (Who woulda thunk?)
  3. I do this for my own entertainment, and maybe a bit for yours.
  4. January Ad Revenue is terrible, as always.

So they are still doing terribly!

Itsuki, right? Oh no!! Uesagi is dead. No, he’s just sleeping. Too much studying haha. They started studying without him?

What the hell has he prepared. If I was given that I would cry. Don’t run away Itsuki! Oh yeah, I forgot Uesagi is a tsundere protagonist haha.

Who will we see next?

Oh yeah, I enjoy this opening song. La la la la la. La la la.

The Quintessential Quintuplets. Woo.

Miku and Nino in a fight, huh. But no TV due to study haha.

Ichika… Big sister type haha.

Oh my god that was adorable, Ichika. Anyway, some more studying.

Nino, you’re a fool haha.

Oh no Yotsuba, that plan is not going to work. Uesagi is bad with people! How did you forget that.

No, Miku, you’re wrong. He is super creepy.

Itsuki, Uesagi doesn’t have a soul. I think? 1/5th wits. Perfect insult.

I mean, that’s going to hurt him. Tutor for hire. Angry Nino. Uh oh.

Itsuki slapped Nino :O That was unexpected. The slap back was, though.

I don’t think this is picking a side.


No Nino! Don’t Move Out! I mean sibling fights are normal. But seriously.

Uesagi there’s not much you can do.

Miku and Uesagi are kinda on a date like this, huh? Ahahaha! I forgot my keys strategy works again.

Angry Nino again. I wonder if she works out that Uesagi is Kintaro soon. She better.

Nah, Itsuki wouldn’t be at a luxury hotel. I’m betting Itsuki is there.. At his house.

Yeah, there we go. Predicted completely.

Akward Uesagi, Akward.

Ahaha, she’s staying over. And the sister made them sleep together. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

And now Itsuki and Uesagi are on a date? I guess. Of course he lacks class. He’s Uesagi.

Nino has to apologise before she goes home.

Wait OMG. The father is a stepdad?! Now that I didn’t expect.

“I’ll accept It’s just part of my job as a tutor”


Uh oh, stick snapped. You… You are walking to school together…

No, Itsuki just wants to stay with you Uesagi. >.>

Oh no Yotsuba. >.< You better not fail.

Ah, Nino, there is something bothering you but what is it. :O

Oh no Uesagi is considering suicide. 😦 😦 😦

Uesagi is sad. 😦 I don’t want to see him sad.

Wait… It wasn’t. What. What just happened. Was he hallucinating? What the hell. I don’t get it. I’m so confused. Was the girl he knew not any of the quintuplets? Or did one of them remember who he was and pretend….

I want answers, god damn it! Answers!

Anyway, there’s the stream of thoughts for the day.
I’ll be back next week for more wtf is going on in my head.


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