Ruman’s Shelf: ~First Episode~

Hey guys!
This is a new segment,  prepared to be posted every fortnight.  It will include updates, anecdotes, general thoughts and general miscellaneous things which don’t fall under the previous categories.  🙂

Okay, so this month I have been posting less and half of this is explained by exams / assignments / work / some games.    I’ll be on holidays soon, so that should help~  However, there was another reason.

For The Harem was a Forced Goal, I got distracted by another novel I am writing.  This novel will be released as an entire novel, rather than web novel chapters, so I’m hoping the release will go well.  It will probably be ready next month?

Well, I am working on THWAFG, it’s just taking its time.  I guess I’ll go back to schedule, as I won’t have as much on my plate!  🙂

For ‘Other Worlds Monster Breeder’, it’s been laziness.  I apologize.  I enjoy the story, but I’d much rather be writing my own while reading it than translating it 😛  If anyone wants to offer to help out with translation, contact me at my skype: Rumanshi.Ichigo or email:

I have nothing else to say.



10 thoughts on “Ruman’s Shelf: ~First Episode~

    1. Rumanshi Ichigo Post author

      Well, I think you’ll enjoy the story~ I’m not telling~~~~

      Well, I’m not sure yet. It will definitely be linked to from here, though. We’ll see after I’ve finished writing it what I decide to do with it.


      1. Dark Jackel

        Cool. 😉

        …I hate to ask, but if you have time, do you think you could take a look at something I wrote? I’d like to gather some opinions… 🙇


      1. Dark Jackel

        I’ve been wonder for a while, but when did Skype become an IM platform? I thought it was a video/audio thing… 🤔

        Anyway, I’ve been thinking about looking into it, but it would basically have to run on my phone…


  1. sfcipher

    Thank you for the update. It seems in the month of May, quite a bit of releases were stalled due to exams. I guess it was common due to most of Translators / Editors are college / university students.



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