Ruman’s Shelf: ~First Episode~

Hey guys!
This is a new segment,  prepared to be posted every fortnight.  It will include updates, anecdotes, general thoughts and general miscellaneous things which don’t fall under the previous categories.  🙂

Okay, so this month I have been posting less and half of this is explained by exams / assignments / work / some games.    I’ll be on holidays soon, so that should help~  However, there was another reason.

For The Harem was a Forced Goal, I got distracted by another novel I am writing.  This novel will be released as an entire novel, rather than web novel chapters, so I’m hoping the release will go well.  It will probably be ready next month?

Well, I am working on THWAFG, it’s just taking its time.  I guess I’ll go back to schedule, as I won’t have as much on my plate!  🙂

For ‘Other Worlds Monster Breeder’, it’s been laziness.  I apologize.  I enjoy the story, but I’d much rather be writing my own while reading it than translating it 😛  If anyone wants to offer to help out with translation, contact me at my skype: Rumanshi.Ichigo or email:

I have nothing else to say.



10 thoughts on “Ruman’s Shelf: ~First Episode~”

    1. Well, I think you’ll enjoy the story~ I’m not telling~~~~

      Well, I’m not sure yet. It will definitely be linked to from here, though. We’ll see after I’ve finished writing it what I decide to do with it.


      1. Cool. 😉

        …I hate to ask, but if you have time, do you think you could take a look at something I wrote? I’d like to gather some opinions… 🙇


      1. I’ve been wonder for a while, but when did Skype become an IM platform? I thought it was a video/audio thing… 🤔

        Anyway, I’ve been thinking about looking into it, but it would basically have to run on my phone…


  1. Thank you for the update. It seems in the month of May, quite a bit of releases were stalled due to exams. I guess it was common due to most of Translators / Editors are college / university students.


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