Ruman’s Shelf: ~Third 3~

Ruman’s Shelf:  I’m on time!

OWMB:  Being done by Jason, release on Friday.

Jobless:  Being done by Yoshiro, release on Sunday.

Shinka No Mi:  Chapter has been edited, it just didn’t get posted on the day it was meant to…  I guess that’s up next.

The Harem was a Forced Goal:  Will be released Today/tomorrow.   I got addicted to games, forgot to do a mass writing.  Oh well, will go back to doing one a week, I guess.

Ramblings:   Hey guys, I’ve been looking into which uni I want to go to next year, and the costs of doing so.   However, stuff is expensive.  Rent estimates around ~260 a week and I don’t have a job.  So I want to ask, what would make you willing to either donate, or support me on Patreon?  I’m aware I’m not consistent enough for that to happen now, but what would help?   Hoping to find a job soon, but I won’t be able to keep it if I move out of the state~


6 thoughts on “Ruman’s Shelf: ~Third 3~

  1. luislock

    Not gonna lie, reading that you are going back to 1 THWAFG a week instead of 2 after forgetting the mass release, I’m kinda crying… ha ha ..ha…….lol oh well. Looking forward to the next chapters. And good to know the next shinka no mi is ready.



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