Ruman’s Shelf: ~Fourth Episode~

Ruman’s Shelf:  This is on time, right?

OWMB:  Being done by Jason, released on Friday.

Jobless:  Being done by Yoshiro, released on Sunday.

The Harem was a Forced Goal: 3rd guaranteed chapter almost, complete.  1 guaranteed chapter, 1 sponsored and 1 patreon chapter left.

Ramblings:  None, I’m busy.

3 thoughts on “Ruman’s Shelf: ~Fourth Episode~

  1. luislock

    So the 3rd guaranteed THWAFG is the actual Volume 2 ch.1? And the other guaranteed, sponsored, and Patreon THWAFG chapters are chapters 2,3, and 4? And maybe after that we can go back to a regular scheduled release of THWAFG? ….maybe?



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