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Advertisements and me – Poem

Advertisements and me

Ahh, advertisements, how I beseech thee,
Don’t be a dick and flash to be seen,
Or make noise just to make a point,
Especially when two of your efforts are joint,

I care not for pictures of breasts and bottoms,
I’d prefer to see a girl, simply smelling blossoms,
Well, that’s kinda my fault, but you get what I mean,
When I’m not looking, my screen should be clean,

And finally, my point is, if you weren’t so obtuse,
Maybe, just maybe, I’d kick of my boots,
And turn off my ad-block that makes you *poof*
And we’d celebrate together, like dogs going *woof*


Yeah, I wrote a poem because I was sad I needed ad block.  I’d rather turn it off and support people, ya’know?  But they’re so * intrusive.

What’s Happening Now?

Hello people~

I ain’t posting a chapter today and probably not tomorrow either.  I might go and edit chapter nine at some point, so look out for a post that announces an updated chapter.   (Not might, I will be editing chapter nine.)   Basically, here’s the deal:

I need to study for HSC exams.  I’ve graduated school, but these exams are what judge whether I can get into university or not by giving me an ATAR.  The higher the ATAR = Better the course I can do.   I want to study international business and a language~  (Japanese  :P), so I need to get a fairly decent one.

On that note, the chapters should be fairly erratic, being one or two every 4-5 days, If I don’t end up:

  1.  Collapsing from studying too much.
  2. Crying over the fact I haven’t done anything.
  3. My medical illness plays up.


Help with paypal?

before the chapters come out okay, can people help me out.

PayPal fees are hefty – (50cents turns into 18 cents).   Seriously inconvenient.    Anyone got suggestions as for what I can do?