Oregairu 2 Comments (Spoilers?)

Just a little comment on the second season of Oregairu.  These are just personal views, and are most likely wrong but I felt like ranting.

Having finally endeavored into watching the last few episodes of Oregairu, I must say things began to feel a little more forced between the main trio.  Some may say that’s what was intended, but my feeling of something felt forced was more then that in my eyes.  The relationship between the trio was something along the lines of this:

MC:  The character who was extremely pessimistic about life, however was able to manipulate the social flow into life staying the same.  As said in the series, he’s definitely a hypocrite.

Yui:  She was the one who actually had social ability, however she joined as she had “feelings” for our MC.  I believe her feelings, however, are probably the easiest ones to get over – she’s a capable young girl.

Yukinon:  She was the one who didn’t understand anything at all, not even the little bit that our MC did.  Thus the romance between the two simply felt forced.  I guess that’s just because I’m a little biased, but that’s okay.

I know that the series is a romance and so it can’t be about platonic relationships (which is how I felt the trio got along) but I just can’t see the developments going anywhere good.

Unfortunately, my favourite pairing was actually Iroha and Hachiman, so I guess I’m just complaining because it’s never going to happen.

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