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24 chapters left.


Hey guys, this is the latest chapter of the Harem was a Forced Goal.  As it’s definitely altering some of the stories dynamics, I’m willing to rewrite it if you think it doesn’t work.  Personally, I like the elements it adds.   It’s in a different format, just to test, but I’ll go back to the more western format if you prefer.  Just remember to comment and tell me opinions!  Paragraphs are great, as they help me improve!  || Direct Link



With this, I can say I reduced my chapter count to 25.  My work space and workflow are both awful, so let’s see if I can change that.

If you want to discuss my future plans for the story, join me on discord.  Whether that be via our channel or RaisingTheDead’s, it’s okay either way!  You can contribute to how it continues on from here 😉


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Pokegod (OWMB) Update

Hey everyone, releases are going to be a little sporadic for a while. I just got promoted to a full-time position at work, and we just entered our peak season, which will end around Christmas, so I have been and will be pretty busy. I am going to keep working on translating, I’m just going to have less time to spend on it until things settle down at work, so I’ll just release chapters whenever I manage to finish them and try to do it as regularly as I can.