The Harem was a Forced Goal – Volume 2, Goddess (3)

Volume 2, Goddess (3)

「Fei-sama, please wake up.  Sleeping here won’t do much for you」

When Fei began to gain consciousness, the childish voice which spoke to him made him realise one thing.  That he was currently in the Goddesses realm.  Though, if that was the case, he thought that it was odd that the goddess was not around.

「Umm…?  Where is that dang goddess?  Isn’t she the reason I’m here?」

When hearing Fei speak, the angel just kept her usual face, slight upturned lips and sparkling eyes.  

「Sorry, in this case, Goddess-sama is busy.  It was me who made you come to this place.」

「Huh?  You did?」

Fei just blankly stared at the angel.  If he remembered correctly, she had always been the one beside the goddess, but never took an active role in the association between them.  Well, she did come off as though she was pissed off at the goddess sometimes.  

「Yes.  It’s unfortunate, but the council has decided that they will be sending an individual to ‘the past’ as perceived by humans.  That is, we would be rewriting history for the past few years.」

Fei was unable to understand where the angel was taking the conversation, so he decided to ask, even if it would cause him to seem less intelligent.  

「I’m sorry, I don’t get it?  Could you explain it differently?」

「Well, that is…  the council will technically be altering your memories?   When a person is added into the past, memories of everyone get altered.」

「I get that… but why are you talking to me about it?  Isn’t it something beyond my control… shouldn’t you have just done it and got over with it?」

The angel considered what Fei said, then decided upon an appropriate response.

「Technically, your memories would be re-written.  Well, it shouldn’t be to the extent of forgetting who you are, but you won’t remember life beforehand.   Actually, that’s not quite right.  You’re life will be altered, but you won’t remember that your life has been altered.   So, I’m asking for your permission, out of respect for the goddess.」

Fei’s face turned dull after hearing the angel explain.  By asking for ‘permission’, he understood, the angel was not really asking but informing.  He couldn’t choose to change anything.  But perhaps, he could get something out of it?  

「Umm… can I get something in return for agreeing?  Like, a skill or something?」

「Do you have any idea of what you want?」

「…can you get rid of my disease?  It’s annoying.」

「No.  That was done using the goddess’s divinity.」

「Aren’t you currently… never mind.  」

Deciding that he didn’t really care about why the angel couldn’t alter the goddess divinity, Fei decided to make a different request.  

「Then, the ability to run a farm in a different space.」

「I think that’s a form of plagiarism?!  And why would you want such an ability?  Rejected!」

The angel accidentally got caught up at Fei’s pace, and retaliated in such a manner.  After calming down, she decided to act appropriately.  She can’t let herself seem similar to that goddess, not even a little.  

「Are you even going to let me choose my own ability?!  Or are you just going to reject everything I suggest?  How about… immortality!」


「Invulnerability, laser eyes, solar regeneration, superspeed, superstrength and can fly」


「Take a mobile phone with me.」

「…rejected… 」

「Originality is overrated.  Fine, ability to make dungeons.」

「Why would you even want to do that?  Are you planning on becoming the demon king?」


The angel, hearing Fei’s response, accidentally fell back into Fei’s pace. before returning to being neutral to the entire conversation.  


「The ability to brainwash people.」


「…  Mind reading?」


「You changed your response!?」


「I didn’t even suggest something that time!   Ability to see my own ability as a status.」


Fei hung his head, as he gave up.  After all his suggestions, he still could not find something the angel would agree to.  If that was the case, then –

「Guess I don’t need an extra ability after all…」


‘She won’t even let me not choose an ability now?!’, Fei exclaimed in his mind.  This was just too unfair.  

「…fine then.  I want to use magic」

「Physically impossible.」

Fei did not believe that for a second, however he decided that arguing with the angel would not get him anywhere.  

「Knowledge of the skill the goddess gave me.」

「Harem Protagonist.  You can still choose another skill.  That information is a freebie.」

Fei, not believing what the angel said, argued.

「If you don’t want to tell me, don’t lie!」


「I want the ability to read peoples emotions」

「Rejected.  Learn to do it yourself.  You’ve lived enough lives.」

「…I swear they were scripted.  Anyway, the ability to double jump!」


「Why?!  This wasn’t even an overpowered one!」

「Because I rejected it.」

「Fine, I’ll take whatever you want to give to me!  Trying to come up with my own is obviously just a waste of time!」

「Then, would you like the ability to master languages at an increased rate?」

「How much would it be increased by?」

「….it would take you a week to learn an entire language.」

Fei pondered for a bit.  Would such a skill be useful for him?  Was he planning on associating with people that spoke other languages?  Actually, isn’t that something which will definitely happen?  This is something really convenient for him!  

「I’ll take it!」

「Alright, you’ll have it after time has been altered.  Well, you won’t remember where you got it from.  In fact, you won’t remember this conversation.  Please, take care.」


Currently, the loli-baba angel is standing before the council.

「We’ve completed our part of the deal and the world no longer removes souls from existence, so has it been done?  Is 【Alice】now a part of that kids history?」

A deep, resounding voice echoed over the chamber they were currently in, sending a slight shiver up the angels wings.  This council member, he was quite frightening.

「I have done as requested.」

The angel replied without changing her tone, as though she was currently trying to repress some sort of emotion.  

「Then, how that person changes.  From now on, it’s up to him.」

The constantly reincarnated person who was teased by the goddess, without knowing it, had become the ‘tool’ in order to change her.  This was the beginning of his true path.  

The path of myths and legends.  


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  2. Anon

    … enjoying the story so far….
    ….thought you’d take to path of the world was a ‘ do-or-die trial’ for those becoming a god rather than a ‘disposal’ world…
    …looking forward to more….
    … yes the …s are needed….
    …I came here from raising the dead…..
    ….figured you’d want to know….
    ….also I recall reading this once before but only the chapters before the dragon ride started….
    ….in case you didn’t catch it, thank you for writing this story….
    …still this is the only EN I’m reading….
    ….that’s about it….
    Now on to the translations…
    …yes i read this first….

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