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A link to the torture this is work:  https://rumanshi.com/projects/thwafg/thwafg-v1ss2/

Please consider suggesting this novel to others ❤  (I’ll work on it more 😉 )

Other Worlds Monster Breeder – Chapter 1 (Mtl)

Hey guys!

Today’s post is a release of a web novel that I was looking at!   It’s called Other Worlds Monster Breeder and I haven’t read ahead 😛  Don’t ask, don’t post spoilers!   The link is here.

Please enjoy reading it and suggest any improvements you might think of.  My JP knowledge is the most basic, but I’m learning (slowly).  Still a few days before THWAFG is due~~~

Ummm yeah.  That should be it!

The Harem Was A Forced Goal – Prologue

A series about a guy who’s been reincarnated a lot of times.  Because of his  interesting relationship with the Goddess she messes with him a lot.  What’s going to happen to him this time?!?

Notice:  This is the original version of the prologue.   Please visit HERE for the edited version.

This feeling in my chest… I just can’t believe me. The intense stinging is unbearable, and a large amount of blood is coming out. Why? Why did you kill me… You promised me – Was it a lie? You said… We’d be together… Forever…


Such a pitiful thought for someone whose only the age of 16, is what people might think. They’re probably right, but I’ve lived a few lives before and this has got to be the worst death I’ve had. Betrayal by the one who was closest to you… Who could stand that? Looks like this is the time for her to turn up. The surroundings have all turned black after all, and the blood has disappeared – along with my clothes!

“Hello again, Fei. You have got to have the worst luck to have died again so soon.”


Shut up. I know that I have bad luck, but is it really something you need to comment on?

“Talking back to me in your thoughts is forbidden.”

“Well, isn’t this a pleasant reunion, Goddess.”

That’s right. My sarcasm is towards this goddess, the goddess of our world and she’s on friendly terms with me – sorta. The first time I met her, I thought it was a dream, so I…

“Proposed to me. Yes, that was a good moment. The look on your face when I said yes!”

My face is burning up. Stop it, please. Do you know how awkward it is that I proposed to a Goddess? Just imagine how your followers feel for agreeing! Well, as a joke, but still.

“Are you sure it was a joke?”

“Look, can we just get on with this? Am I going to be sent to Heaven or Hell – Well, I won’t deny those places were fun… Or am I to be reincarnated again?”

“Ooo. Getting bossy with a Goddess? Is this the sort of play you enjoy?”


“Okay, okay, you’re to be reincarnated again. With a single surprise special ability! Does this excite you?”

“Not really.”

“Too bad! Off you go!”

Shitty goddess! Didn’t even give me a hint of what’s about to happen this time! Fine, I see how it is. I’ll tell everyone that I’m engaged to a –

Oh, I’m in the waiting space? I wonder how long I’ll spend in here until my mind is sent into the new body? Please let it be a while… I want to skip all the unnecessary nonsense this time!

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