The Harem Was A Forced Goal – V1SS2

The Perverted Headmaster

Now that the new students had been dealt with and had left, the headmaster let out an evil grin before glancing around, with a slight glint of fear in his eyes.

“This’ll be fun… But why did I have to let that girl come?”

He thought about the letter his old friend had sent him and dismissed his negative thoughts.

‘Never mind, it’s good to do an old friend a favor. No need to fuss over it. And there are some beauties here for sure. That slave… Seems to be portraying themselves as a boy, but…’

The headmaster sniffed in the air before continuing on his inner monologue.

‘…my sense of smell tells me that the only boy amongst that group is the sickly prince. A group of eight people and yet only a single one of them is male. What a blissful trip that kid musta had! Too bad he has that disease… Heh, it doesn’t matter! He’ll probably grow up ‘beautiful and frail’ rather than ‘handsome and strong’ because of it. Even with his disease he will surely attract many women!’

The headmaster let out a perverted laugh as he though about the prospect of attracting many women, as though it was he himself that would attract many. Of course, he does, but they aren’t whom he takes a fancy to. His doesn’t enjoy the attention of ‘women’.

‘So, what should I do about that slave… I won’t tell that girl, no that’ll be counter-intuitive to my plan… Ahah! I’ll challenge the slave to a duel – of course, the master will have to give permission but that’s fine! My plan is perfect ahahahaha!’

The headmaster began to laugh hysterically as though his plan was the greatest thing he, or anyone else, had ever though of. After a long time, he finally snapped out of it and went straight to where the slave was. Luckily for him, the slave was alone at this time so he could do so without anyone finding out.

“Oi, slave, I, a mighty warrior, challenge you to a duel!”

The headmaster saw the slave looking out the door and said as such.


“Did you hear me?! I’m challenging you!!”



Getting infuriated with the slaves lack of responses, the headmaster decided to use his authority to open the door, and when he did –

“… Challenge…. Must, master…. Accept”

“Right! Exactly, so we’ll find your master and then have our duel, okay?!”

Seeing the slave was agreeable the headmaster regained his excitable attitude, wanting to hasten the duel to be as soon as possible. Yuuki, however, had a dull look on her face, as though she wasn’t particularly interested and was only favoring him due to her status as a slave. The headmaster’s excitement, however, caused him to miss such an expression on her face.

==== Duel ====

“Permission to fight the headmaster?”’

“… Right, fight…. Duel… Headmaster…”

Currently, they were in an arena designed for students to either duel or meditate, where Fei was currently attempting to meditate in order to clear his mind. He thought that it may contribute in making it easier to deal with his disease and so spent some time everyday alone there…

Today, however, Yuuki and the headmaster had come up to him with such an outrageous talk, leaving him dumbstruck for a while.

“Oh yeah! By the way, I know that she’s a girl~ You found yourself a slave girl~!”

The headmaster spoke in a singsong voice, making Fei cringe at how excited he was. However, as he was unable to think of a reply, he simply said a few words.

“Is that so…?”

“Yes! That’s why~ We’ll duel! I win, I take ownership of your slave! You win, your slave gets her own training room! What do say?! I’ll even avoid using any Martial Practices!”

‘This guy is way too irresponsible’ was what ran through Fei’s mind at that moment.

“If you want to and think you can win, go ahead, Yuuki.”

Hearing her masters response, Yuuki’s eyes seemed to have a sparkle in them, in contrast to the dull expression she had earlier.

“… Yes.”

“Then how about~ Right here, right now~!”

“…. Yes.”

Hearing the two agree to the duel, Fei stepped out of the way so they could fight.

“Well, we’ll let Fei judge, shall we~? Please tell us when to start!”

“Right! 3… 2… 1… Fight!”

As soon as Fei spoke for the two to begin, Yuuki’s feet glowed a red color and she instantly went towards the headmaster. Although he stepped back at a quick speed, he could not match Yuuki’s speed and took a punch to the chest, causing him to stumble back. Seeing the attack was successful, the glow moved from Yuuki’s feet to her hands, and she rapidly punched the headmaster until he was covered in bruises.

Fei was left speechless at what had just been down to the headmaster. Was it possible for such a thing to happen to such a reputable figure? And then…

In front of his eyes, the headmasters injuries all began to heal rapidly.

“Very good!”

The headmaster praised Yuuki for her fighting ability as he healed all his injuries.

“I said I wouldn’t use any Martial Practices during the duel and I didn’t. I’m using one to heal my injuries now though. It looks like I’ll have to give a slave a private training room~ It’ll be a first for this academy. Ahahaha! Oh, and I haven’t told anyone about your slave. Be easy.”

Seeing the outcome, Fei was relieved.

“Then I’ll be off!”

The headmaster said so then left as though nothing unusual had happened.
Yuuki simply stood still for a while, before saying…

“Master, I won!”

And tilting her head.


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Authors Notes: Well, I did have an issue of motivation recently, so I didn’t write anything or post anything I had already written. I hope you can forgive me for such indulgence in my lazy tendencies.

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  2. Dark Jackel

    …I don’t want to be rude, but… I think this chapter is somewhat lacking. Um. It doesn’t really add anything to the story?

    Nevertheless, thank you for your efforts. I know writing is hard. :/


  3. ryouha26

    With harem as a title why wouldnt the slave be “accidentally” a girl XD

    Thnx for the chappy~ Nanodesu~



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