Jobless – Chapter 60 and 61

Hi all,

As said, 2 more chapters before end so the two chapters are here!

60 and 61

Thanks everyone for supporting us all this while!
Hope you like the work, and maybe we might see each other on other works or for some other reason!


7 thoughts on “Jobless – Chapter 60 and 61

  1. xias1

    Thanks for the hard work so far.

    Since I like this novel I decided to try using google translation on the next chapter.
    As it was quite readable I decided to show my appreciation for your work so far by attempting to edit the google translation using to make it easier understandable´.
    (Btw. I don’t know any Japanese myself, so I have no idea how accurate this editted machine translation is.)

    If my attempt satisfies your demands on quality then you and Rumanshi are free to use it or edit it further as you see fit and then use it for your websites.

    Best regards

    So as mentioned here my attempt on chapter 62:

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    1. Yoshiro Post author

      It’s good, your edits to english is even better than mine to say.

      Oh, anyway, in regards to community, it’s actually just the fancy japanese that novel tends to use.
      it’s like rewriting what’s the actual word means. in this case, those 3 kanjis means ‘community’, but just that it has an actual meaning ‘committee’.


    2. Rumanshi Ichigo

      Hey xias,
      I posted your chapter with some slight edits so that more people would be able to read it. If you would like to continue on with doing this, contact me by either joining my discord server or emailing me at

      Otherwise, thanks for your work.




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