Jobless – Chapter 62

About the chapter:   This chapter was machine translated by xias1.   I have proofread it a bit, however no TLC work etc. has been done (There is a screenshot proving permission to upload).

About the future:
I am considering between forcing myself to try and do a chapter of Jobless and OWMB a week.

I am also definitely forcing myself to get my own chapters (THWAFG) out.     Email me at if you wish to help out.

If someone wants to be a sort of ‘manager’ for me (They discuss with me due dates and time management) that would be great.   Send me an email and if you can, join our discord server:  Rumanshi’s Lair





5 thoughts on “Jobless – Chapter 62

  1. izunoblog

    Yeah, other than a few misplaced adjectives and some rather radical decisions, it’s pretty ok.
    Dwarven girl and boy should have been girl and dwarven boy for example.
    Another is the nekomimi girl of the cat tribe. I don’t know where to find the raws, but if it was supposed to be nekokazoku or something like that then Catgirl would be much better. Nekomimi is just cat ears after all XD.
    And finally regarding 委員会. Since there’s a furigana for it (コミュニティ) I think it’s better to just call it Community since that’s how the author wants it to be pronounced instead of Inkai.
    But still like I said, good job!



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